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This is the place to be if you’re looking for some inspiring activities to do with your children. There’s lots to do with children of all ages. This page is continually being updated, so come back often!

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An Original Gift Idea for a Child: Make a Birthday Box!

We have a special tradition around here. For our girls' birthdays we make a homemade gift. We've had some wonderful gift ideas but this recent one is my new favourite! My youngest daughter loves hosting "parties". In fact, almost every day, ...
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When homeschooling, it can be challenging to keep younger children occupied while doing homeschool activities with an older child. Here are 9 fabulous quick, easy, DIY activity tray ideas to implement with preschoolers.

9 Fabulous Activity Tray Ideas For Preschoolers

Even though I'm homeschooling my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter isn't quite ready to start "preschool" yet. While I'm homeschooling, it's important to keep my youngest daughter engaged (and out of trouble). I love that activity trays can be set ...
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A healthier version of the worms in dirt recipe. #kids #recipe #activity

A Garden Party (and a Recipe)

My oldest daughter and I have been up to our elbows in dirt for the past month. As I mentioned in my last homeschooling post, we started working on a gardening project. My daughter has taken great pride in our ...
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Homeschooling: The Library Curriculum

Who would have thought that something my toddler started doing would evolve into a homeschooling project for my oldest daughter? [Tweet "Check out this homeschooling curriculum based on libraries! "] *This posting contains affiliate links which means if you make ...
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A Breath of Fresh Air

Yesterday I relished the "balmy" temperatures of 1 C (33.8 F). The extended forecast looks pretty darn cold so I decided take full advantage of a mild winter day. After a couple hours of homeschooling, the girls and I ate ...
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10 “Real” Learning Activities For Toddlers

Forget the learning apps and specialized toys. Kids learn from simple, everyday activities! As a former child care professional, I strongly believe learning comes naturally for young children. They are learning from the moment they take their first breath in ...
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There are so many ideas to keep infants and toddlers busy! Check out this brilliant and inexpensive activity idea to do with your baby today!

How to Make Boxes into a Brilliant Activity Idea for Your Baby

I love finding new ways to engage and delight my children. I recently thought of a fun and interesting provocation, so today I'm going to take a few minutes to share it with you. Boxes. We have lots of them ...
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Art can evolve into a full curriculum covering a range of subjects. Check out this artist study and resulting Paul Klee inspired curriculum as an example!

Paul Klee Inspired Curriculum

As I shared yesterday, I have been making changes to our homeschool curriculum. One of these changes involves looking for more organic ways to incorporate learning into our everyday encounters. At the beginning of the year, I decided to have ...
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Summer Bucket List Update

I can't believe we're already halfway through the summer! I thought maybe this would be a good time to give you a bit of an update as to how we're doing with tackling our summer bucket list. I don't have ...
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Taking Care of Baby – Inviting Play

Last night I had some time alone with my two-year-old. I decided to take the opportunity to plan a play activity exclusively for her. I set up an invitation for her to care for her baby doll, Nan. Here are ...
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The Lantern

My toddler adores this little IKEA lantern. She loves carrying it around when she's playing in the yard. Even though it's breakable and clearly not a toy, I let her use it and enjoy it.My first instinct when I saw ...
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This post includes a variety of activities to introduce the concept of sewing to young children. Teach toddlers and preschoolers how to sew with all of these amazing activities!

Introducing Sewing To Children

I love sewing. I have been sharing my love for this hobby by slowly introducing it to my children. In doing this, I have discovered there are so many ways to teach young children how to sew! [Tweet "Check out ...
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Planning for summer with the kids. Our summer bucket list!

Planning for Summer With the Kids

This past week we caught our first glimpse of summer. With double digit temperatures, we began to dream of our favourite season and all that it has in store for us. We finally started planning for our garden. Strawberries and ...
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Opening Containers: An Activity for Infants and Toddlers

I have an abundance of containers around the house. I've been saving them thinking that I would eventually find some purpose for them. They were mostly used as "props" in my daughters' play kitchen. However, the other day I had ...
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One Book = A Day of Homeschool Curriculum

I am always amazed at how homeschool curriculum can be so integrated... so embedded into the day. It further amazes me when I let my daughter take control of the process - she thinks of things that I wouldn't think ...
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