“This is an amazing resource for anyone considering homeschooling.”

Amazon Canada Reviewer


“This is an amazing resource for anyone considering homeschooling.”

Amazon Canada Reviewer



Get 10 chapters of helpful, confidence-building, advice!

Available as an e-Book for your convenience. This book is a beautiful and helpful addition to your home library.

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This book has a 5-star Amazon rating!


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10 helpful, confidence-building chapters!


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This book can be purchased separately or bundled with a deluxe 33-page homeschool planner (the planner is an instant download as well).

“One of the Top 5 homeschooling books I’ve read and quick, too! Love the quotes!”

Amazon Reviewer, Elizabeth Hampton


“One of the top 5 homeschooling books I’ve read and quick, too! Love the quotes!”

Amazon Reviewer, Elizabeth Hampton


These Reviews Can’t Be Beat!

Check out these reviews of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool!

“So helpful with practical tips that homeschoolers-interested, new, or seasoned-can benefit from.”

Amy Milcic

“I am not sure if I will homeschool my kids or not yet as they are still preschool age but I found a lot of helpful tips and resources for educating my children while they are still at home several days a week or even for enhancing their public school education later on. I especially loved the pointers on planning/scheduling and keeping toddlers occupied (themed sensory trays, etc.) while teaching older siblings.”

Lauren Flake

“My go-to recommendation for anyone thinking about homeschooling or currently homeschooling!”

Echo Apnes


1 – Introduction

2 – Kick those doubts to the curb

3 – Homeschooling styles and methods

4 – Connecting (communities and homeschool groups)

5 – Organizing your homeschool

6 – Create a schedule that works for you

7 – Tackling challenging situations

8 – Homeschooling on a budget

9 – Documenting progress and celebrating learning

10 – My homeschooling secrets


Is this book available in paperback?

Yes, this book is available in paperback but you will have to make your purchase directly through Amazon.

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Since these are instant digital downloads, a refund is not available.

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My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Elizabeth S Hampton
Love the quotes!

One of the Top 5 homeschooling books I've read and quick, too! Love the quotes!

 by Anon
Great read for homeschool moms!

I have already been homeschooling for a few years but I happened across this book and thought I'd check out her suggestions. It was an informative read and one I would highly suggest to new homeschool moms. It is a quick read but covers so much. I highly suggest it.

 by 24 Cottonwood Lane
Excellent resource and well written!

This is an amazing resource for anyone considering homeschooling. Jennifer writes a clear concise summary of all the things one needs to consider when making the choice to homeschool. All of my questions about "Can I really do this?" have been answered and I feel if we chose to go this route, I'd be able to make the leap. We opted for an extra year of daycare vs starting Junior Kindergarten so the issue is still on the table. This book is a great, easy read that really makes homeschooling a positive choice.

 by Rebeccafaith Dietz

Though this book is marketed as an introduction to homeschooling, I believe it is so much more. The author clearly knows what they're doing and offers effective, substantial, and FUN ways to provide a well-rounted curriculum to your child/children. This books provides a great set of tools for any level of a homeschooling parent or a non-homeschooling parent that simply wants to gain insight on how to better approach teaching and engaging their child in activities. This book is worth every penny, I will be purchasing any sequel or additional book she pens.

 by Amy R.
Great Homeschool Primer

Contains a lot of useful information especially handy for starting out. I'm looking to start homeschool in a year and it was perfect timing to read and get some great ideas. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out or considering homeschool as an option.

 by Catherine Young
Brief and inspiring

Great to cover all the bases in one short volume when there may be kids about. Not a one stop read, definitely more to research, but is very encouraging about what must be a very intimidating topic.

 by Amanda Brown
My Kitchen, My Classroom - My Home School Inspiration!

My Kitchen, My Classroom is a great book to read before starting up your school year. I was inspired to get my home school supplies organized and make a plan for the year. It's great that Jennifer is a seasoned home schooler but her children aren't so far away from my own kids' ages so the things she was talking about doing were on the same level of things I'd be doing with my own kids! I felt like she knew where I was at (my kids are 5 and 2).

She has a multitude of great ideas in the book on topics such as:organization, ways to help family feel like they are not missing out on the "school experience" by holding some of the events that schools have (ie Christmas concert) in your own family, tricks to keep a toddler busy while you "do school" with your older learners, simple sensory tub/table ideas, how to save money on home school materials, end of year celebration, and tips to promote self-directed learning and accountability.

The only drawback to this book is the utter lack of pictures! I wished that there were images of the way Jennifer organizes her home school files and of the sensory tub ideas and the memory book she proposes homeschoolers make each year as a yearbook/porfolio hybrid. She does include links in the back of the book to some blog posts she wrote on some of the subjects (like organization and sensory tub ideas) but I would have liked to have them in the book itself.

 by Anonymous
Great read for homeschool beginners

We are a beginner family on the homeschool path. I found this book a thoughtful glimpse into what lies ahead for us. I found the insight on planning, organizing and documenting to be very comprehensive, and the book has given me a lot of ideas. As I plan out our path, I am sure I will reference the ideas in this book again and again.

Plus there are many more raving reviews on Amazon!


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