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For the homeschool parent who has doubts or concerns….


Get 10 chapters of helpful, confidence-building, advice!

Available as an e-Book for your convenience. This book is a beautiful and helpful addition to your home library.

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This book has a 5-star Amazon rating!


Must-Have Resource

10 helpful, confidence-building chapters!


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This book can be purchased separately or bundled with a deluxe 29-page homeschool planner (the planner is an instant download as well).

These Reviews Can’t Be Beat!

Check out these reviews of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool!

“So helpful with practical tips that homeschoolers-interested, new, or seasoned-can benefit from.”

Amy Milcic

“I am not sure if I will homeschool my kids or not yet as they are still preschool age but I found a lot of helpful tips and resources for educating my children while they are still at home several days a week or even for enhancing their public school education later on. I especially loved the pointers on planning/scheduling and keeping toddlers occupied (themed sensory trays, etc.) while teaching older siblings.”

Lauren Flake

“My go-to recommendation for anyone thinking about homeschooling or currently homeschooling!”

Echo Apnes

Sample Chapters


How I began my homeschool journey

The emergency room doctor had a serious expression on his face.

The words lingered in the air.

“Your daughter has an anaphylaxis dairy allergy. Here is a prescription for an Epi-Pen.”

I’d heard of anaphylaxis peanut, nut, and shellfish allergies but a life-threatening allergy to dairy?! This was the first I’d ever heard of it.

In the days that followed the emergency room scare, my husband and I pondered the option of homeschooling our daughter….


Kick those doubts to the curb

“I can’t do this.”

“What if I mess up?”

“How am I supposed to do this?”

We doubt ourselves in so many areas of our lives. Why would homeschooling be any different?

When confronted with a big decision, I have the habit of listing all the things that could go wrong.

Doubts can keep you from achieving what you want. Here are some common homeschool doubts and how you can address them….

Frequently Asked Questions

What chapters are in the book?

1 – Introduction

2 – Kick those doubts to the curb

3 – Homeschooling styles and methods

4 – Connecting (communities and homeschool groups)

5 – Organizing your homeschool

6 – Create a schedule that works for you

7 – Tackling challenging situations

8 – Homeschooling on a budget

9 – Documenting progress and celebrating learning

10 – My Homeschooling secrets

Is this book available in paperback?

Yes, this book is available in paperback but you will have to make your purchase directly through Amazon.

What is your refund policy?

Since these are instant digital downloads, a refund is not available.

I want the paperback book & the homeschool planner.

So you love the feel of paperback books too! I will definitely take $3 off the price of the planner if you email me a copy of your Amazon receipt for My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool. Email your request to deliberatemom {at} gmail {dot} com and I will send you a discount code for the Deluxe Homeschool Planner right away.


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