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My husband is brilliant.

He came up with this memory game hack and I have to share it with you today!

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When my youngest daughter was born, my Mother-in-Law had purchased a fun  this Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Memory Game.

This game is wonderful because a child can play against themselves or play with someone.

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Memory Game

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Memory Game *affiliate link*

The idea is you open two of the wood doors and see if you can make a match. If you make a match, you score a point and leave the doors open. The game is over when all the matches have been made.

My daughter played this game for weeks and had memorized all the cards. It became impossible to beat her.

Enter clever dad.

My husband decided to make some new cards for the game and this is how he did so!

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Memory Game Hack

  • First my husband scanned one of the cards and saved it to our computer.
  • Then he replaced the picture boxes with his own scanned pictures.
  • He printed the card out on card stock and cut it out.


A new, personalized, card for your Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Memory Game! My husband has made a Yo Gabba Gabba card and a family members card.

We’re planning on making some math cards too. One square would have an equation and one of the squares would have the answer. I also want to make a big letter and little letter matching game for my preschooler.

Have you ever seen this memory game before? Do you customize your favourite games for your children?


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