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Well hello there! I’m Jennifer!

Most mornings I wake up and wonder these four things:

  • How fast can I make a cup of coffee?
  • How long before the kids get up?
  • Where do all the socks from the laundry go?
  • How can I demonstrate God’s love today?

Yes, I love coffee, I’m a mom, a homemaker, and I long to live out God’s will for my life. In addition to these four facts, I’m a wife, blogger, author, and homeschooler.

My mission here at The Deliberate Mom is to live simply and parent intentionally. Will you join me? 

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My little family

 My husband, Evan; my two daughters, Big G, Little H; and me!


Here are some wacky interesting facts about me!

  • I don’t like belly buttons. Someone’s finger in their own or someone else’s belly button make me want to puke. I try hard to ignore the existence of my own belly button.
  • Before I go to bed at night, I flip my pillow several times (to find the coldest part).
  • I love, love, love a good pen.
  • Office supplies make me happy.
  • I pretend River Dance when I’m happy. It’s true. I have video footage of it HERE.


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