Well hello there! I’m Jennifer!

Most mornings I wake up and wonder these four things:

  • How fast can I make a cup of coffee?
  • How long before the kids get up?
  • Where do all the socks from the laundry go?
  • How can I demonstrate God’s love today?

Yes, I love coffee, I’m a mom, a homemaker, and I long to live out God’s will for my life. In addition to these four facts, I’m a wife, author, and homeschooler

My mission here at The Deliberate Mom is reflective parenting and intentional homeschooling.

I know this motherhood journey can be overwhelming. But can I tell you something? You’re not alone! That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you with those parenting and homeschooling struggles! If this is your first time visiting The Deliberate Mom, I encourage you to START HERE I have some free goodies waiting there for you!



My little family

 My husband, Evan; my two daughters, Big G, Little H; and me!



Here are some wacky interesting facts about me!

  • I don’t like belly buttons. Someone’s finger in their own or someone else’s belly button makes me want to puke. I try hard to ignore the existence of my own belly button.
  • Before I go to bed at night, I flip my pillow several times (to find the coldest part).
  • I love, love, love a good pen.
  • Office supplies make me happy.
  • I pretend River Dance when I’m happy. It’s true. I have video footage of it on Facebook.


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This workbook will take you on a deep, meaningful, and reflective journey of your role as a mom. It’s not a tool to teach you, but rather to help you explore the mom you are and encourage you to become the mom you long to be.

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I can be reached at:  deliberatemom {at} gmail {dot} com


All profile photos and social media photos of Jennifer Bly are by LORRAINE-MARIE – Edmonton

The family photos and pictures of my children on this page are by LOFT50 PHOTOGRAPHY – Edmonton

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