Whether you’re a believer or you’re searching, you’ve come to the right place.

Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. This blog witnessed a return to my long lost faith. Here is a collection of articles I wrote which talk about my walk with God.

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Trading My Bucket in for a Basket

With the summer coming to a close I'm already seeing my social feed filling up with fall bucket lists. As a lover of all things fall, I admit that I'm enticed by the allure of apple picking, warm sweaters, sipping ...
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What’s True Rest and How Can a Busy Mom Get It?

Even though our couch is large, the girls move in close beside me. We've been reading a couple pages from this book about the life of ants every day for almost a week now. Their fascination with these tiny insects ...
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Currently: Highs, Lows, and In-Betweens

Life has been challenging lately. I figure it was time to share a bit of an update and catch you up on the ins and outs (as well as ups and downs lately). Here's what's been happening... currently. THE LUMP ...
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We’re all waiting on something. Waiting can be frustrating, challenging, and overwhelming. Check out this post for encouragement about waiting with purpose.

Waiting With Purpose

Do I ever have a special treat for you! Today I have a very dear friend, Caroline Harries, sharing her heart about waiting. When I asked her to write this guest post, little did I know how much I needed ...
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The one word resolution has been around for a while but I never participated... until now. The word I've chosen will bring about a personal revolution.

A One Word Resolution for a Personal Revolution

We're a few days into a new year and it seems like everyone is either talking about the resolutions they've made or the ones they've already broken. While it feels great to crush my goals, I also want this year ...
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Are you a fearful Christian? Do you get anxious, worried, and fearful before you go to God? If so, this post is for you! Get sound advice to overcome that fear!

The Best Advice for the Fearful Christian

You read the news and you're scared. Someone you love is facing a health crisis and you're scared. You're facing challenges in a personal relationship and you're scared. Are you a fearful Christian? Confession... I am. I have this illness ...
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Seeking God. Faith. Prayer. I've listened, prayed, and searched... then I came to realize something... grace changes everything.

Grace Changes Everything

Grace Changes Everything.  That's the name of the sermon series taking place in my church right now. As I've sat, listened, prayed, and searched, I came to realize something... grace changes everything, and it's changed me. When I was 17 ...
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Living with anxiety is what I do. Day in and out, I do what I can to manage my anxious thoughts. Here's a glimpse of what it's like to live with anxiety.

What It’s Like to Live With Anxiety

Almost every day I encounter some kind of tragedy. My kids get injured, my husband dies in a car accident, my home is broken into, or I die suddenly from some freak accident. No, this doesn't actually happen, but this ...
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Do we need friends? Are they really important? Check out this guest post by Carla Gasser where she discusses the building blocks of authentic friendships.

Why Do We Need Friends? Are They Really Important?

Happy Friday friends! Am I ever excited to introduce today's post to you. When Carla approached me to do a guest post, I had no idea that her post would bless and inspire me in the way that it did ...
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When You Don’t Know What the Next Season Will Bring

As the leaves turn colour and drop to the ground, I have an assuredness that winter is near. I never question which season will come next because the same cycle takes place every year. However, I'm currently going through a ...
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Amazing Things Happen When You Heed the Interruptions

I sat in front of my laptop, thoroughly enjoying this moment. From 8-915 every night, I write and work on blog-related tasks. On this particular night, my oldest daughter asked if she could come and read on my bed while ...
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A love so true and dear. That's the love that God has for us.

A Love So True and Dear

Lately, I've felt muddled and bogged down. I've been praying for clarity on several things in my life and have felt overwhelmed with confusion. It's times like this that I dive into the Psalms. I'm always stunned and enchanted by ...
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As Christians, we yearn to learn more about God but studying the Bible can be challenging. How can we improve our Bible study habits and build our faith? Check out these 5 fabulous tips!

Five Strategies for Effective Bible Study

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed when it comes to Bible study. I bombard myself with questions like: "What do I study? How do I study? Which study tools should I use?" Today I would like ...
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"How on earth do I manage to get my own time in God’s word every day? How can I survive my busy day without speaking to God and listening for His voice?" Come investigate 5 easy ways to build faith with your children.

5 Easy Ways to Build Faith With Your Children

Today I have a special treat for you. Aimee is a lovely blogging friend. The posts on her blog, A Work of Grace, often empower and motivate me to dive deeper into my relationship with God. I'm excited that she's here ...
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Love Notes

Anyone who has ever been in love is familiar with love notes. Do you remember those times when you wrote messages of adoration? Do you remember receiving love notes... what they did for you, and what they did for your ...
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