Welcome to my kitchen… cozy, warm and full of love! Every mom has a repertoire of favourite recipes. I would like to share some of my family favourites!

Happy Vegan Baking Day!

Now I have to say... there really is a holiday for everything! My daughter has been demanding cookies lately. In addition, while surfing the web for a vegan cookie recipe, I found out that the last Friday of September is ...
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Vegan Chocolate Milkshake

My daughter recently asked me for a milkshake. With her severe allergies to dairy, I knew I would have to come up with a clever alternative. Rather than turning to Google, we came up with our own concoction and I ...
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Vegan Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

The power of suggestion got the best of me. Lately I've been watching a lot of The Food Network and sometimes my daughter watches with me. It seems like we're constantly watching shows about cupcakes... Cupcake Wars is one of ...
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Horchata – A Great Summer Drink

I had not heard of Horchata until I heard the Vampire Weekend song, Horchata. I always wondered what this beverage was and what it would taste like. Sunday mornings while I drink my morning coffee, I usually watch The Food ...
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Are the mosquitoes driving you crazy? Are you the person who's covered with mosquito bites every summer? Here are various tips to fight those mosquitoes naturally AND a homemade mosquito repellent recipe. This DIY formula will help you take your summers back!

Tips to Fight Mosquitoes Naturally (and Homemade Mosquito Repellent Recipe)

Summer is around the corner. Sunshine, lake days, campfires, starry nights... all wonderful elements of this time of year. But then there's the mosquito... the dreaded little bugger that tries to rob us of our enjoyment of this short season ...
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Vegan Pancakes

What kid doesn't love pancakes? Having a daughter who's anaphylactic to dairy (as well as allergic to eggs) has motivated me to seek out vegan recipes. I found a great vegan pancake recipe online and I slightly modified it to ...
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Tired of playdough that's crumbly or hardens too fast?! This former daycare worker shares 3 of the BEST playdough recipes EVER! Seriously, check them out!

The Best 3 Playdough Recipes Ever!

As much as I love the convenience of commercially made playdoughs, I prefer to make my own. There is great gratification in making something like playdough and then watching your child explore and enjoy it! Here my top three play dough ...
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The most delicious, amazing cabbage roll recipe you will ever try. Serve this for Christmas dinner, Easter dinner, or for your Thanksgiving feast!

The Most Delicious (will make you drool) Cabbage Roll Recipe

Cabbage rolls... my grandma used to make them for Christmas and Easter. When she wasn't able to cook anymore, my dad longed for his bi-annual dose of these savory rolls. His craving launched me on a mission to create a cabbage ...
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Are there some nights when you wonder how you're going to get supper cooked and on the table? Check out this 10 minute dinner which requires little prep and only 5 ingredients!

Capellini Favolosi (A Fast and Delicious Dinner)

This scrumptious pasta dish is one of our household favourites. Many years ago, an Italian boss of mine had told me about this recipe. She gave no measurements and roughly described the process. After many years of making this dish, I've ...
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Breakfast Cookies

I love these cookies. They make for a great snack and they are super healthy! This recipe is from Planet Organic's Cosmic Cookies but I've modified it a bit to my own liking. Enjoy! The Ingredients 2 1/4 cups quick oats ...
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The Missing Ingredient

Last night, I looked through the fridge and cupboards for inspiration as to what to make for dinner. I decided to make Teriyaki salmon on a bed of rice with steamed vegetables on the side. The salmon needed to be ...
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My little girl LOVES guacamole. So we headed to the kitchen and whipped up our own batch. It was so delicious, I thought I would share the recipe with you!The Ingredients2 Haas avocados (peeled and seeded)1/4 cup onion diced4 cloves ...
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Get your kids busy in the kitchen! Check out these great tips for how to teach kids to cook!

Tips for Cooking With Kids

This post contains affiliate links to products I love. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, you get an awesome product and I get a commission! Now that's what I call WIN-WIN! My complete disclosure policy ...
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How to Make the Best, Most Delicious, Yummy Hummus

Since our little girl has life-threatening allergies to dairy products, we're always searching for ways to add good fats as well as calcium into her diet. One of our household favourite recipes is "Yummy Hummus" (my daughter's name for it) ...
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Vegan Shortbread Cookies

Well it didn't take much ingenuity to modify this recipe but here is our adventures with making Vegan Shortbread Cookies. The original recipe was from this website. The cookies ended up being quite good. The Ingredients 1  cup vegan margarine, softened ...
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