Want to teach your child about Canada? Do you want them to learn about Manitoba? Check out all of our fun and educational Manitoba unit study activities!


For social studies this year, we’re studying Canada! I previously shared our month-long studies of various provinces including:

Since everyone’s enjoying a behind-the-scenes glimpse at our month-long studies, I thought I would share our recent homeschool unit study about the province of Manitoba. It was a month full of wonderful books and educational experiences!

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The bulk of our planning came from The Canadian Adventure Online Edition. I added some other elements to the curriculum, such as various read-aloud books and a related artist study.


As I’ve mentioned many times before, we start our day with Morning Time. This peaceful way of easing into our day is something I cherish. At this time, I read aloud from a variety of books. Since we were studying Manitoba, I made sure that the books I chose were related to this province.

The read-aloud book we read was from the Canadian Flyer Series, entitled, Make it Fair! This historical fiction book was a light read and covered Nellie McClung and her fight for women’s rights to vote.

G is for Golden Boy was another great book. This series has been a fabulous addition to our homeschool social studies curriculum! There’s a poem that weaves through every page of the book related to each letter of the alphabet, which is fabulous for young children with low attention spans. But there’s also detailed information on each page as well. By reading this book, we end up learning so much about the province of Manitoba! We read about 1-2 letters of the alphabet per day throughout the month.

Canada Close Up: Manitoba was a fabulous non-fiction book. We’ve enjoyed all the books in this series. It’s full of photos and gives us additional information about the province. We read 1-2 chapters per week throughout the month.


We watched many videos during the month. Most of the videos were provided by links through The Canadian Adventure Online Edition. The videos were beautiful and many times it felt like we were seeing and experiencing the sights of Manitoba.

I also appreciated the additional videos about the Metis culture. The information provided in those videos really helped us gain an understanding and appreciation for the Metis. There was even a tutorial for how to weave a Metis sash!


Every month we study an artist who pairs well with the province we’re exploring. This month we studied Walter J. Phillips. He lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for 28 years and painted many pictures of the region.

The Walter J. Phillips paintings that we studied were:

  • A Suburban Street, Winnipeg, 1920
  • Silver Plains, Manitoba, 1930
  • York Boat on Lake Winnipeg, 1930
  • Manitoba Farmstead, 1934

We discussed Walter J. Phillips’ artwork in detail and my girls memorized the names of each piece of art.


We did various activities throughout the month. The girls did map work about the province. They also worked on memorizing and recognizing:

  • Winnipeg – the capital of Manitoba
  • The provincial flag
  • Provincial flower: The Prairie Crocus
  • The provincial bird: The Great Grey Owl

Of course, cooking is a big part of our exploration of the provinces. We made sure to make a delicious serving of Bannock.

We did a homeschool Manitoba Unit Study and made bannock!

We also indulged in some Jelly Filled Doughnuts!

As usual, we wrapped up our study of the province with collages. I had gathered tourist guides and my girls cut out pictures that they felt depicted what they had learned about Manitoba. It’s always an enjoyable and educational activity.

Our month-long Manitoba unit study was fabulous. We learned so much from the experience! I can’t wait to study our next province… Saskatchewan!

Psst – If you’re curious about doing an in-depth study on Canada, I can’t say enough good things about The Canadian Adventure Online Edition. Make sure to check it out!


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