Quiet Mornings, Granola Bars, and Going All In

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Welcome to my blog pause, a wonderful idea I gleaned from my dear friend Robin over at Robin Kramer Writes.

The idea of this is I share three posts… you can read all three or choose one or two that appeal the most to you. These posts are some of my favourites from 2014….

Blog Pause - Final


In The Quiet Of The Morning {parenting}

The click of the front door.

My husband has left for work and my day has begun.

I hear the dog settle onto the landing. I nestle into my pillow and enjoy the last few moments of warmth beneath my quilt.

I contemplate the day.

Two little people in particular.

The questions that overwhelm many other mothers infiltrate my thoughts….

Finish reading this post HERE.


Clean Eating Granola Bar {recipe}

Clean eating Granola Bar Recipe

As I mentioned a while ago, one of my goals this year to have my family eating more “clean” and natural foods. The biggest challenge has been to have more variety for our snacks. So I researched and experimented and have finally come up with a fabulous clean eating granola bar recipe. This granola bar is chewy, delicious, and packed with flavour.

To get the recipe, please visit this post HERE.

I’m All In {faith}

I'm all in

I love God. He has taken my life and has blessed it. He has healed me. He has lifted me up. He has helped me overcome. I love Him for this. He is amazing.

However, I recently realized that I don’t want Him to ask me for too much. I realized that I have several limits and boundaries… that I can only give Him so much. Moreover, it’s embarrassing to admit but there are certain parts of my life that I have pretty much said are off-limits to Him.

Wow. What a harsh realization that I want God for MY needs.

To read more please visit this post HERE.



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      We had a wonderful Christmas! It was merry and bright! We’re off to celebrate with the inlaws today — so our festivities are still happening.

      Thank you for taking a peek at my blog pause posts. I really chose my favourites — the “In the Quiet of the Morning” was probably my absolute favourite of my parenting posts and the “I’m All In” was probably one of my favourite faith posts of the year.

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas too. Wishing you well.

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