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Last year I made a Menu Board for my kitchen. This simple creation has had a huge impact on the quality of the food we eat and has reduced our food budget. However, I recently had the epiphany that maybe I should make something similar to help plan my workouts for the week. Part of my recovery plan from the trauma that occurred back in October is to participate in at least 60 minutes of physical fitness daily. Needless to say, it’s challenging. Other than Zumba class, I get bored easily. So I thought I would create a dry-erase workout board to serve as a tool to plan for (and remind me of) my fitness goals for the week.

12 x 12 picture frame
Scrapbook paper of your choice
Peel and stick letters


This project is pretty easy. Draw lines on a piece of paper for where you want your lettering to go. Place the paper under the glass of the frame. Tighten the back of the frame so the paper doesn’t shift.
Add the peel and stick letters onto the glass of the frame.
Remove the lined paper and replace with the scrapbook paper of your choice. I love that the entire look of the board can be altered simply by changing the paper in the frame.

Use a dry erase marker to write out your workout schedule. I hung my workout board in my bedroom and I like to erase my fitness activities as I do them.

That is how you make a dry-erase workout board. So easy… yet so awesome!


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