A few months ago I read a post by Karren over at Oh My Heartsie Girl about how she was going through blogger burnout. Seeing that I had recently went through it myself, I shared an extensive list of ideas on how to combat it. Once done “commenting” I realized I had pretty much wrote a blog post.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on how to avoid blogger burnout.

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Carefully select the times you publish your posts

A good sleep helps to combat blogger burnout.

I used to schedule my posts to go live at 8 pm but I would have troubles falling asleep at night because I was excited about the comments coming in.

Then I started scheduling my posts for 4 am. I have no idea why I selected this time but it messed with my sleep patterns because I would wake up at about 4:00 and be wondering if everything published okay without any glitches. I changed my publishing time to 6 am. I actually sleep until 5:30 am now!

Drop the baggage 

Blogging out of obligation or habit can take the appeal out of writing.

For instance, I stopped participating in my Friday {this moment} postings. Even though they were super easy to whip up, sometimes I would be scrambling to pull them together on a Thursday night. Plus, when I had surveyed my readers back in January they had indicated that they didn’t enjoy the {this moment} posts as much as my other posts.

When I evaluated it, I realized I had lost my enthusiasm for these posts. The extra time it took to promote and share something that I was less than enthused about, seemed like a waste of blogging energy.

Don’t post for the sake of posting

Speaking of dropping the baggage… don’t post for the sake of posting.

I realize there’s a lot of blogging advice out there that says to publish at least 5 times a week. While this may potentially increase your visibility in search engines, I guarantee there’s something better for increasing your visibility… quality content.

Don’t ever sacrifice quality for quantity.

I sometimes leave 2-3 days between post publications. When I do this something amazing happens… the post “ripens” and gets viewed a lot more in comparison to if I had thrown up a post the next day. Let your readers savour a piece of written work for a couple of days!

Don’t compare

“That blog has only been running for 7 months and it has 2500 followers but I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I only have 320 followers. What am I doing wrong?”

There’s something that happens when you start blogging “seriously”… you get sucked into the vortex of numbers and comparison. This is a surefire way to burn yourself out. Don’t look at other bloggers’ numbers and compare your blog to theirs. They are on a very individual journey.

Blogging “success” can’t be duplicated… it’s as individual as the bloggers themselves. Discover what your readers love and capitalize on it.

Seek community

There is comfort in friends, support, and in mutual experiences. No one knows blogger’s burnout like someone who’s already been through it.

If you don’t already have a “tribe” find one… or make one! There are many blogging groups out there. Personally, I love SITS Girls… it’s  my favourite place for support and community.

Attend a blogger’s conference or a virtual gathering. For instance, I recently enjoyed a Blog Staycation. The energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm that I encountered in that event was so inspiring!

My Blog Staycation

Take a break

One of the best ways to combat burnout is to take a break from posting.

  • Consider getting guest bloggers to write for your blog. Plan their publication times for when you need a break.
  • Plan a flashback week where every post for the week is a short snippet with a link to older (perhaps undiscovered) content. Robin Kramer did this beautifully on her blog and called it a Blog Pause. You can see an example of one of her blog pause posts HERE.

You may need to take a break from commenting on a specific blog.

Every blogger knows that blogging involves visiting other people’s blogs. However, a relationship needs to be two ways. If you’re dedicating loads of time and energy into visiting and commenting on someone’s blog and they never reciprocate, perhaps take a break from visiting them. Consider investing your time into a relationship that will give back to you.

Seek help

I know it’s sometimes hard to do but asking for help is a huge way to combat burnout.

  • Hire a virtual assistant
  • Consider having regular contributors for your blog
  • If you host a blog hop, seek a co-host (or two) to lighten the load

I opened my SHINE Blog Hop to co-hosts because I was quickly getting overwhelmed by all the work it took to host the hop. Having a co-host makes the blog hop a lot more manageable.

Make a social media plan

If you haven’t yet written a social media plan, then I advise you to do so as soon as possible. Social media is often more time-consuming and exhausting than the actual writing of posts. Need some ideas as to what your social media plan should look like?

  • Decide what you want from social media.
  • Decide which social media platforms you want to be active on and focus on them.
  • Set goals and make a detailed plan as to how you will achieve them.
  • Find a platform to schedule your social media shares – I, for one, love CoSchedule (affiliate link). I purchased my subscription from them within 2 days of starting their free trial because I loved it so much!
  • Check out this link from Buffer on social media strategy. It suggests that planning, implementing, and measuring your social media strategy takes time. However, the invested time is well worth it.

Live your life

You’ll burn out quickly if you never take time to rest and recharge!

Schedule times to blog. Outside of those times, live your life! Visit with friends, get outside, explore your city, do some volunteer work… do anything to get away from your blog and social media. Remember… living life will give you the inspiration to write!

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Have you ever experienced blogger burnout? Do you have any tips that you would suggest to avoid it?


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Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool and creator of The Deliberate Mom. Jennifer writes about parenting, homeschooling, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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