When I first started homeschooling, I found a couple subjects intimidating to teach. One such subject was art. While I’ve dabbled in art, I worried that I lacked the technical knowledge to instruct my children.

Over a year ago I discovered You ARE an Artist; a website with video chalk pastel lessons taught by “Nana”. The lessons had varying themes and each set included about eight video lessons. I figured we could do a lesson per week and test it out.

After one lesson, we instantly fell in love with You ARE an Artist. The lessons were short and simple and our teacher, Nana, was so kind and gentle.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen pictures and Instagram stories which feature my children doing their chalk pastel lessons. It has become an essential component to our homeschool.

After realizing that my children loved these lessons, I decided to investigate the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership.

Here’s what we discovered after enrolling in the clubhouse annual membership program.

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You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership

The You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership has an extensive list of benefits. Here’s what it includes:

  • Immediate access to A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels year-long video art course with 45 lessons plus these video art courses: Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art, Preschool Video Art Lessons, Spring Video Art Lesson and Forest Nature Video Art Lessons (a $282 value)!
  • A new video art course each month!
  • A brand new art lesson each week! Nana’s Weekly Art Lesson – live or pre-recorded every week. Each month two art lessons will be for members only.

There are also annual membership bonuses such as:

  • Art Lesson Index – This index includes all lessons in our video art courses plus links to the free ones we have shared all over the web.
  • Chalk Pastels at the Movies – all your favorite book and movie character art lessons at your fingertips.
  • A beautiful You ARE an Artist planner for the whole year! (Coming June 2018)
  • AND a coupon code for a video art course of your choice from our special membership library. You can use this at any time during your membership year!

Since You ARE an Artist is instruction on how to use chalk pastels to create art, purchasing art supplies is a cinch! All you need is paper, a pencil, and chalk pastels! I also recommend a plastic table covering and baby wipes to make clean up a breeze.

The most exciting part about the annual membership is the price… $200 per year!

Considering the sets of lessons range in price from $25-$100, I would say $200 is a bargain! This works out to being less than $17 per month. You could never get in-house art lessons at that price!

How we use the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership 

I usually schedule two chalk pastel lessons a week. The catalog of lessons is extensive, so I often choose lessons which fit with our current curriculum objectives. For example, if we’re studying birds in science, I’ll schedule a bird art lesson.

I keep all of our supplies in a basket (tablecloth, chalk pastels, pencils, paper, and baby wipes). This makes set-up quick and easy enough for my children to do on their own.

Do you want to teach your children art but just the thought intimidates you? Check out my honest review of the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership. You can teach your children art, with ease!

I often connect my laptop to the TV so there’s a big screen to view the lesson, but I will also stream lessons through the iPad.

The girls work on the lesson and will stop and start the lesson as they work on their masterpieces.

When the lesson is done, we clean up the table and proudly showcase their work!

Come Join the Clubhouse!

As you can see, it’s easy to use the chalk pastel video art lessons.

With the clubhouse library, you can incorporate art easily and freely into your homeschool days. So if you’re intimidated by teaching art (like I was)… the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Annual Membership could very well be the solution you were looking for!

The clubhouse doors are open!

Check it out! I’m sure you’ll fall in love… just like we did.

Disclaimer: We were provided a complimentary membership for the purpose of this review. As noted at the top of this post, the links are affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, we may receive a commission. Our full disclosure policy is here.  



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