Are you trying to make some grade 7 curriculum choices? Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be challenging, that’s why I’m going to share our grade 7 curriculum choices with you! 


Grade 7? How did that happen? I can hardly believe I’m homeschooling a grade 7 student. Where did the time go?!

I had a great time selecting my daughter’s grade 7 curriculum. Here’s the curriculum we are using this year.

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As I’ve mentioned before, our morning time routine brings such peace and beauty into our homeschool day. It sets the stage for learning and continually inspires us. I’m definitely continuing the morning time basket. This year, the bulk of our morning time will consist of the suggestions included in the Ancients Morning Time Plans Set.

Some of the curriculum choices that I’m sharing here are part of our morning time routine, while others are used during the more structured part of our homeschool day.

I’m often asked how often we study each of our subjects, so I’ve included a section on frequency as well. 


This year my daughter is taking her Language Arts classes online through our homeschool association. As a result, I don’t have a choice in the curriculum used in this subject. However, I enrich her language arts curriculum with literature that I select for her. 

Sequential Spelling – Last year we started using Sequential Spelling in our homeschool. After trying a lot of spelling programs, we’ve finally found one that my daughter actually enjoys! So we’ll continue with Sequential Spelling this year.



Jump Math – My daughter has been doing Jump Math since Grade 1. It’s a no-frills book (very basic in appearance) but it’s effective and she enjoys it (which is what matters). Plus, the Jump Math curriculum is very affordable. 

Bedtime Math – This is an extra bit of math fun. I read from the Bedtime Math book twice a week and the girls answer the questions. I’ve shared our love of Jump Math on Instagram and I can’t say enough good things about it! What I love about this book is it tells an interesting story/fact and then there are several questions for different age and skill levels which are tied into the story. It’s a fabulous resource and we love it! 

CTC Math – I decided to invest in CTC Math this year and I’m delighted that I took the plunge. Every week I log into the parent dashboard and set up her tasks (lessons) for the week. She enjoys it and she loves the math games too. If you want more information, you can read my honest review of CTC Math


Our edible cell experiment


For years I have been following a delight-filled method of schooling my children. When I can, I try to follow their interests and incorporate those interests into our curriculum.

Since my youngest daughter is so fascinated with the human body (in particular, the work of doctors and nurses) I decided to focus on teaching human anatomy and physiology this year.

There are plenty of resources about this topic, but after gathering research and recommendations, I selected the curriculum, Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy and Physiology

So far, I’m LOVING this curriculum! I purchased the lab kit as well that way we have most of the materials to carry out the science experiments in the book. 

In addition to studying the human body, we regularly do nature studies during our morning time. Many of my nature study ideas come from the NaturExplorers books. They’re packed with loads of activity ideas, as well as journaling sheets, and more! In addition, last spring I set up an outdoor classroom on our porch. We will be using the classroom periodically throughout this year.

FREQUENCY OF SCIENCE: Human Anatomy Curriculum is done two times per week. Nature studies are done twice a week. Experiments are done approximately once every two weeks.

child in bean teepee

My youngest daughter in our backyard bean teepee


This year we decided to explore the history of civilizations by starting with the Ancients Morning Time Bundle from Pamela Barnhill. We love this curriculum and my children are learning so much about ancient civilizations. 



This year I decided to do a loop schedule of Bible activities. We are doing the following activities:

This rotation of Bible study activities keeps my children engaged, fresh, and excited to spend time with Jesus!



Our art lessons are the best! I include various forms of art in our program. Watercolour paintings, collages, sculpting with clay, and drawing are just some of our regular art activities.

Our favourite art curriculum is the chalk pastel art video lessons by You ARE An Artist. My girls LOVE these video lessons! We have a monthly clubhouse membership, which we can access at any time! There are so many lessons available, I can always find something that relates to a topic we’re currently studying.

FREQUENCY OF ART LESSONS: Two times per week

We do a variety of homeschool art activities.


I decided that this year I would cover a different health topic every couple of months. Many of the resources I’ve gathered from the internet and the library. This year we’re studying growth mindset, hygiene, money management, goal setting and much more.



My approach to physical education is much like we’ve done in the past. The girls will have exercise DVDS and games that they will do in a daily rotation. There are also natural physical activities that I’ve included in our schedule (nature walks, biking, park outings, swimming, badminton, baseball, soccer, etc.). In addition, they attend weekly Kung Fu and gymnastics lessons.



This is the second year I’ve included a second language in our program. Last year I enrolled my daughter in Rosetta Stone French Lessons but she didn’t enjoy the rigidity of Rosetta Stone, so we switched over to DuoLingo. She’s loving it! I especially like that I can set up a “classroom” for my children in DuoLingo. By doing this, I get notifications of their progress through the lessons. 



We love SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time). With this curriculum, my children get exposed to notable pieces of music. SQUILT also allows us the opportunity to include a peaceful ritual of music appreciation in our days. This year we’re focusing on learning all about the instruments in an orchestra, as well as studying some music from the Baroque and Classical Eras. 

FREQUENCY OF MUSIC LESSONS: One or two times per week


So now it’s your turn! Is there a particular curriculum you love that you’re using this year? Feel free to comment below and then share this post with your homeschool communities.



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Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool and creator of The Deliberate Mom. Jennifer writes about parenting, homeschooling, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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