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How many times this week did you wake up and hit the ground running?

Have you ever barreled through your day and then wondered what happened to all the hours that passed?

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Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to bring more peace into my life. When your mind and body are prone to anxiety, focusing on peace needs to be intentional. While I try to create peace in my evenings, it’s best for my mind and body to try to seek peace first thing in the morning.

Here are the things I do to create a peaceful day.

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Prepare the night before

As I’ve mentioned before, I need to do these six things today to make a better tomorrow. A solid evening routine sets me up for success and increases the potential for peace.

Get up before everyone else

If you want peace, you have to make it a priority. While it’s lovely to sleep in, it can create havoc in your day. I like to wake up for my day rather than wake up to my day.

When I wake up to my day, I’m starting five steps behind. The kids may have bounded into the room announcing that they spilled the cereal on the kitchen floor and that the toilet is plugged. Often the chaos snowballs and it’s hard to get things to slow down.

When I wake up for my day, I’m ready, prepared, and excited to tackle the day ahead. I can manage the possible complications and interruptions because I’ve first made some time for myself.

Sit in stillness

Oh is this ever uncomfortable and hard to do! We live in a culture and time where everything and everyone seems to be in constant motion.

Put down your smartphone. Take your hand off your coffee cup.

Sit in stillness for at least two minutes.

Close your eyes.

Listen to the sounds of your home.

Take a deep breath in.

Hold it for a second or two.

Slowly let your breath out.

Repeat your breathing until the two minutes are over.

Over time, increase the time you spend in stillness.

Is two minutes too challenging? Start with one minute.

By stopping everything to breathe, you’ve created a space and place in your day where peace flows with ease. Even if your days are busy, your mind and body will love the routine of stillness that you’ve created.

Start the day with God

This is the foundation of my day.

I used to think that because I have God in my life, things would be more peaceful. Was I ever wrong! Having God in my life doesn’t change the fact that this world is a messy, chaotic place, but God does change how I react to the messes around me.

My morning time includes prayer, reading scripture, and sometimes a Bible study. I invite God to show me what needs my attention in the day and I invite Him to give me direction throughout the day.

Do something peaceful

Before I jump into my morning chores or analyze my to-do list, I take a few minutes to do something peaceful. Here are some peace-inspired ideas:

  • write in your journal
  • light a candle and watch it flicker (the Nature’s Wick wooden wick candles are my absolute favourite because they crackle like a campfire)
  • listen to some peaceful music
  • sip your favourite morning beverage slowly… savor the smell and taste of it
  • do some slow-moving stretches or yoga
  • watch the sun rise
  • color (I especially love the coloring books by Margaret Feinberg, but there are so many adult coloring books available, you’ll surely find one you love)
  • take a warm shower
  • put some calming drops of essential oils into your favourite diffuser
  • do some bird watching (place a bird feeder outside your window and watch the birds come and go)
  • smell the flowers – if you have flowers outside your home or a bouquet, take a few moments to smell them

Do you feel the tranquility yet? By including these practices in your morning routine, I’m certain your days will become more peaceful.

Is there anything that you do to create peace in your day?


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