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Rejuvenate! Take a Blog Break

Have you ever taken (or wanted to take) a blog break?

Last month I took an unplanned blog break. I was burnt out and wanted to quit blogging. Rather than pull the plug on five years of work, I decided to step away and take a blog break.

As I took my break, I reflected on blogging and I made the most of my time away.

Before I share these insights, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me comments and messages of encouragement. Your support meant so much to me. Also, the person who published my content without permission decided to remove it. I’m so thankful… and what a relief!

Let your readers know.

Let your readers know that you’re taking a break. You don’t have to get into the details if you don’t feel like it. Just tell your readers that you’re stepping away. Also, you can use social media to spread the news of your break.


Blogging is a time-consuming activity. To get the most from your break I urge you to disconnect from the blog world.

For the first couple days, I felt like I couldn’t disconnect from my blog. I kept checking my email, my stats, and social media. I finally took drastic measures. I deleted the blogging apps from my phone. I also changed the settings on my phone so I could not use data when I was away from wireless. What a difference that made! I almost forgot what it was like to go somewhere and not have access to my email!

A few days later, I returned to social media but I was nowhere near as “addicted” to it.


It’s hard to trust that your decision to take a break was a good one.

It was challenging for me to step away from my blog because I didn’t want to lose the readers I have worked so hard to gain. However, I realized that if my readers enjoy what I have to share, they’ll stick around. I would rather fill myself up and give quality content than spew whatever I feel like because I “have to” write something.


You are a blogger, so you must love to write. Acquaint yourself with writing for YOU! Keep your thoughts flowing.

I didn’t want to take a break from writing (I love it too much), so I wrote a lot during my blogging break. It was inspiring to step away from writing content for others and switch to writing for me. I did some journalling, I wrote some articles and worked on my homeschooling eBook.

Rest and rejuvenate.

While you take your blogging break, make sure to rest and rejuvenate yourself. Do the things you love the most.

I read, played with my children, cleaned, and baked. I even took a few naps! It didn’t take long for me to feel alive again.

Take the time to reflect.

You’re taking a break for a reason. Reflect on your blog life before you stepped away. Doing this helps to assess how you can improve your blog when you return.

The break from my blog gave me the opportunity to reflect on the goals I have for The Deliberate Mom.

I love blogging, but the time I spent on my blog was excessive. I concluded that rather than publishing 2-3 posts per week, I would scale back to 1 or 2 posts a week. I want to put my finest work on my blog. To do that with 3-4 posts per week is almost too much for one person to handle.


I used my time away to assess what’s working on my blog. During my break, I realized that my biggest source of traffic (when I’m not posting new content) comes from Pinterest. I’m certain my Pinterest tricks and tips have something to do with this. I established that Pinterest is the social media outlet which I need to focus on.

By assessing these things, it’s easier to discern where your efforts are best placed.


I also used the time away to plan how I will change my blogging habits. I created a realistic blogging and social media schedule. I even noted blog “vacation time” on my calendar.

Return when YOU feel ready to return.

Don’t rush back to your blog. Don’t let friends, family, fellow bloggers, or anyone else pressure you to return. Take care of yourself and nurture your creative spirit. You will know when you want to return.

Have you ever taken a blogging break? Would you consider taking one?


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Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool, creator of The Deliberate Mom, Deliberate Homeschooling and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Jennifer writes about parenting, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care. 

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54 thoughts on “Rejuvenate! Take a Blog Break

  • Julie @ Logger's Wife

    I’ve taken a couple blogging breaks in the past: once because life was overwhelming and another time because my daughter was dealing with a medical issue and, even though she was okay, it zapped me of energy. I’m a big fan of taking breaks when we need it. Agreeing wholeheartedly with making sure your readers now. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve followed a blogger only to have them disappear for 4-6 weeks with no warning. By the time they come back, sometimes I’ve already deleted them from my Facebbook, bookmarks, etc because I assume they just gave up and didn’t tell anyone.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I think it’s so important to let your readers know. I didn’t even give a time frame of when I would return, but I did say I would be back. I love blogging too much to let it go for good.

      It’s good you’ve taken breaks (and know when you need them). Good for you!

  • Janine Huldie

    I am mostly going to be taking a bit of a break next week with both my girls being home from school for the first week of vacation and also in August for a week to go to Disney. I truly can’t wait and think it is well needed and am going to take a bit of your advice to heart for this now. Thanks Jennifer and glad to also see you back here today though, too. Hugs xoxo ;)

  • Kelli {A Deeper Joy}

    These are such great tips, Jennifer. I’m so glad that she took your content down…such a relief, I’m sure. You are so wise to have focused on all of these things. Good job taking the pressure off! I don’t blog for income but taking a break from email sounds scary to me…but so good. We need to be able to unplug and not worry about it. I’m personally glad that you’re back! Your readers love you and will still be here even after breaks! :)

    • Jennifer Post author

      Yes, I’m relieved that I was able to settle the stolen content thing. Not fun at all.

      I’m delighted to be back and I now know that I need to be mindful of what my body and mind need.

      Thank you for the warm welcome back my friend!

  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    I love that you did this! I take a break at the beginning of every year from all social media and it’s so good for my heart! I think it’s great to rest and sounds like you will come out stronger and better than before! You were missed!

    • Jennifer Post author

      My next blog break I think I’ll do a screen-free break as well. I’ve been missing out on so much because I was so consumed by blogging and social media. It’s amazing how the time away just rejuvenated me. I’m also committing to a blogging and social media break every Sunday. Emails can wait!

      Thank you for the warm welcome back my friend.

  • Lauren

    I have taken a few short breaks from my blog.. and I always feel better! I am glad you are back and I am really happy to hear that person took down the post they took!

  • Monica

    Glad you’re back! You definitely know blogging is your passion when you allow yourself to completely step away and you STILL want to start again and continue where you left off. I’ve done this many times in the past, typically around the time my children were born. I always felt my breaks benefited my blog as well too! Everyone needs a vacation!! :)

  • Amanda @ Growing Up Madison

    Oh it’s so good to see that you’re back. I’ve taken quite a few breaks and I’ll be taking a long one from 1-21 July when I take my kids on vacation. Sometimes you do need to get away. You need to find yourself. Blogging can take up quite a bit of your life and it can ruin lives as well. I’ve noticed that I always feel so much better after a break and this one coming up is a much needed one. Welcome back!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Blogging is so consuming! I have a plan now and I’ve definitely cut back. I need to live a bit more… the writing can wait!

      Thank you for the warm welcome back my friend!

  • Melissa (Wading Through Motherhood)

    These are great tips and all good reasons to take a break. I have taken a few days off before. I think it is very necessary. I have found I really can’t post more than 1-2 times a week, mostly because I have other writing jobs. Otherwise I am just glued to my computer/phone…which isn’t good.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m so glad I took this break. I really needed to step away and become energized about other aspects of my life.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  • Emily

    Your takeaways from your break were wonderful. It sounds like you took the right steps to make it a productive break. Productive in the sense that you were refreshed, that you found ways to actually step back and plan out how your blogging schedule would look in the future.

    Nice job…as I am sure some bloggers THINK they could use a break, but don’t have the dedication to listen and step back.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I was so scared to take a break, but now that I’ve had this experience I know how necessary it is to my well-being and creativity.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Emily.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed this Lauren. I remember when I started blogging (almost 5 years ago) I loved every second of it. Eventually, we tire… take care of yourself and heed any feelings of exhaustion.

      Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

  • Tamara

    I haven’t taken a full-on break but I’ve definitely cut back by having three guest posts set up, or I’ve pre-scheduled my own work. Or done easier posts!
    I’ll probably cut back from three posts to two for the summer. It’s just easier that way. I want to feel alive again too!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Those are wonderful ways to ease the pressures of blogging! Thanks for sharing Tamara!

      I definitely think the summer is a great time to cut back – many bloggers do the same too!

  • Ceil

    Hi Jennifer! Welcome back my friend! I just came back from a blog-break, but it wasn’t restful. We traveled and hosted family. Not really a break!

    It seems that I have taken breaks each year, but usually when I have vacations or commitments. I think taking one that’s just for R and R would be a really good idea. When you write, you use a lot of energy and resources. At some point, they are going to run out, or at least get hard to produce. That’s when rest is so important. Gotta fill the tank!

    I just got my blog put up on my Pinterest site. We’ll see if I get any traffic from it!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’ve definitely learned from this experience. I will be taking more planned breaks throughout the year (and I think cutting back on my posting schedule will keep me refreshed for a longer period of time).

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  • Jessica Dimas

    I loved this post so much, Jennifer. We both coincidentally took blog breaks at the same time, although I continued posting once a week (and sometimes not at all), and reading this has me excited for blogging again. I really like that you made a new schedule even for social media, that’s really smart. I also think it’s really smart to keep writing on your blogging break so it doesn’t become the beginning of the end of your blog! I really agree that continued writing for yourself keeps you in the creative mode! Thanks for sharing Jennifer, I really enjoyed reading about your break, you’ve inspired me once again :)

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed this Jessica and that you found it helpful. As you know, I’m naturally reflective… so, of course, that was a major part of my blog break.

      I’m excited about my new blogging and social media schedule. I think it will be more effective overall. I was spreading myself way too thin.

  • Kristen

    Welcome back! We missed you and you may have inspired me to take July off. I really want to connect with my kids and cherish this time I have from them. I also am going on a couple of vacations, so we’ll see. I’m so glad you are feeling better and can’t wait to read what you’ve been up to.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad you found this helpful. You should definitely take time off – especially if you’re feeling a bit burnt out. The time away filled me with inspiration.

      Thanks for the warm welcome back.

  • Natasha in Oz

    Great post lovely lady! I’ve just been on a very long blog break so relate to all of your advice. I am glad I took the break and am really excited about being back.

    I hope you enjoyed your break and feel happier because of it.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    • Jennifer Post author

      I loved my break and I realize that I definitely need to do it regularly (preferably before I start feeling burnt out).

      Thank you for the warm welcome back!

  • Debbie

    I am glad to read that everything workout fine for the best.
    I have not had the chance to take a blog break since I became consistent, but I am pretty sure it will come sometime.
    Glad to have you back! I love reading your posts.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I really needed this rest but I’m back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I now know to schedule time away BEFORE I start feeling burnt out.

      Thanks for the warm welcome back!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I think I’ll be a lot happier with my new schedule. I’ll be able to write better and visit other blogs more.

      It’s good to make changes when we need them.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Jeremy.

  • Amanda

    I haven’t taken a blog break yet, but I did cut my content way back. When I first started almost a year ago I was posting 5 days a week! It was exhausting! I cut back to 1-2 posts a week and now I feel more inspired to write more because I have more time to ruminate on my posts. I will be taking an actual break from my blog in September probably or whenever the foster baby comes to live with us. But I’m going to refresh my old blog posts and schedule them to run again during that time so readers who missed my earlier content can still have something to read while I’m gone. Also, I’d like to volunteer to edit your e-book when you’re done!

    • Jennifer Post author

      It’s great that you’re being mindful of what you and your family needs. It sounds like you have a fabulous plan for September.

      Thank you for the offer to edit. I just completed the first round of editing and I have some editors in place (they’ll be working on it in the first couple of weeks of July). Perhaps you would like to review it (not a blog post review but an Amazon review)? Let me know if that appeals to you!

  • Alycia

    I love this. I feel like a lot of my favorite bloggers are or were on a blogging break, but it’s ok. At first I felt bad for not keeping up more on the blog reading and commenting on others’ blogs, but then I realized they will all understand. I am still on a bit of a blogging break on my own blog, but am really trying to get back to reading some of my favorite sites. All your points really hit home with me; all perfect! I really wanted to use these last few months of Palmer being an only child to soak up my time with her. I want to make the most of my time with her and that is what is most important to me right now. I know my blog will be there when I am ready to start writing and publishing again!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m delighted you enjoyed this Alycia.

      It makes perfect sense that you want to spend more time with Palmer now. Listen to your gut and do what you need to do. Like you said, your blog will be there when you return.

  • Run With No Regrets

    This is such a great guide to taking a blog break! I’m feeling quite a bit overwhelmed with blogging right now and I’m trying to get it all in control. There is no shame in taking a break and can be good for you and the blog in the long run.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad you found this helpful. Breaks are so important! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take one. I’m certain you’ll be rejuvenated in no time.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Debbie

    Hi Jennifer, it’s good to see you back and blogging and sharing great tips again. I too have recently fallen off the blogging wagon too, it wasn’t planned, it sort of just happened with one thing and another. It never crossed my mind to let people know, but maybe I should have, although a post is in the pipeline.

    Since I first discovered your blog you have put more and more time and effort into your blog and I admire what you have done, but I will still admire you for doing that little bit less blogging.

    Enjoying blogging is important and if that means doing that little bit less of it, then so be it.

    Take care and welcome back!


    • Jennifer Post author

      Yes, taking breaks is important to my continued enjoyment of blogging. I never want to tire of it. I really do love the opportunity to write and connect with individuals such as yourself.

      Thank you for the warm welcome back Debbie!

  • Meg O.

    I have taken tons of blogging breaks. It just happens with the nature of my full time job. I never apologize for it because my friends and readers will always be there for me. Sometimes I have all these amazing ideas and no time to do it all. It can be frustrating, but now that it’s summer, I can do them! :)

    • Jennifer Post author

      That’s awesome that you’ve heeded the need for breaks. This was the first time I really took a break and I feel great because of it.

      Thanks for sharing your insights on taking a blog break, Meg. I can’t wait to read all the amazing ideas you’ve been thinking up!

  • Tiffany-A Touch of Grace

    Welcome back my dear! I am so glad you feel rejuvenated after your break! Thank for sharing your perspectiveand tips on how best to go about taking a break as well. I worry if struggle with not reading and commenting honestly. So I can imagine that was hard for you at first.
    So glad to see you back :)

    • Jennifer Post author

      Thank you for the warm welcome back, Tiffany! I’m happy to be back. It was hard at first to back away but now that I’ve experienced the “freedom” of a break, I’m more inclined to step away with ease.

  • Jaime Buckley


    I think this is the last straw I needed to take a hint. It’s time for me to take a break, just like you suggest. 10 years, working with all your might and one year publishing a detailed article and 12 unique pieces of art DAILY just burns you out.

    I’ve become lost and my writing books has suffered.

    So I’m announcing here first (though most you ladies don’t know me–which is okay), I’m stepping away.

    Thank you for your friendship, Jennifer.

    I’ve been working on some ideas and really wanted to start doing something special to offer homeschoolers with creative kids—smaller kids too, not just teens. Maybe I can work on that as well…because it’s a personal passion and love. I don’t know.

    I just know I’d like to finally fill the hole in me.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m glad this post gave you the nudge you need to take a break, Jaime. You are one hard-working guy and you need to take care of you and feed your creative fires.

      Enjoy the time. Rest. Rejuvenate. You know I’ll be there when you return… as I’m sure a lot of your other readers will be too.

      Be well and enjoy your summer. I’ll be praying for you, my friend.

  • Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

    My blogging has dwindled as I have needed to start working outside of the home to help the family financially (and because I love teaching!)

    June was also a very busy month with travel.

    As a result, I did take a long and unintended blog break. Part of me felt a little freer, but the other part of me has missed it tremendously.

    I still love blogging, but for this season of my life, it cannot be a full-time thing. I give as much as I can to my blog because it brings me so much joy, but I have to use great care to prioritize.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, Jennifer. So glad to have you back!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Sometimes we need breaks intended or not! I loved having the time away. It really helped me focus on my goals and priorities. Things were getting muddled there for a while.

      Thank you for the warm welcome back my friend!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I already feel like cutting back on my posting schedule has made a difference. I’m feeling a lot less swamped and enjoying the writing process all over again.

      I think we need breaks – even from doing something we love like blogging. By scheduling my blog vacation time, I can also plan ahead for posts, etc.

      I’m delighted you found this helpful Cassidy.

  • Theodore Nwangene

    This is really an interested topic Jennifer,
    And i can very well relate to it as well. Taking a break from blogging is really of utmost importance at least, once awhile. Doing this will certainly enable to see what you’ve been doing so far and to see the ones you’re doing right and the ones you’re getting wrong and finally, know how to balance everything.

    I stopped blogging for almost 14 months now and the truth is that i almost gave up blogging. I was burnt out and demotivated but at the end of the day, i decided to stick to it.

    This is really an informative post Jenni.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Yes, sometimes we just have to step away and take a break. It can be totally motivating in the long run!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Theodore. Thank you for taking the time to visit.