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Resurrection Eggs Review and Giveaway

As significant as Easter is to the Christian faith, I find it challenging to help young children understand its meaning. How do you explain that Christ (whose birth we just celebrated a few months ago) died? As sad as it is, His death is important and is actually good news.

When I was contacted to host a review and giveaway of Resurrection Eggs I was curious to explore the product and excited to teach my daughter about Easter in a new and unique manner.

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  • a set of 12 colourful eggs and a carton
  • an accompanying book / teaching tool
  • Easter stickers


We start using our Resurrection Eggs 12 days before Easter (so that you open the final egg on Easter).

Read the day’s a scripture and the detailed explanation of that part of the Easter story. After the reading, get your child to open up the applicable Resurrection Egg.

Each egg contains a token/symbol which represents that particular part of the Easter story.

My daughter loved the cherished “prizes” in each egg. She was especially stunned when we opened the last egg because of course, it was empty! She declared that it’s an invisible Jesus mini-figure (I can almost see it myself).

There’s also a set of stickers included in the Resurrection Eggs kit.

You can use the stickers to decorate your eggs or embellish your egg carton.


FamilyLife Ministries has a variety of lovely ideas on their website to enhance this wonderful product. Their website even provides a FREE downloadable activity guide to use in conjunction with the Resurrection Eggs! The guide has everything from games, to craft ideas, to recipes!

For more information and to access these FREE materials, please visit the FamilyLife Ministries website HERE.

This was such a fabulous way to reinforce what we’ve taught my daughter about Easter. We loved doing this activity and I can see us incorporating Resurrection Eggs into our annual Easter celebrations.

So tell me, what tools do you use to teach your children about the resurrection?



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