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Happy September friends! Now how did that even happen?! I thought it was time for a life update. This summer has been full of all sorts of things... so this is a snippet of life, currently.

Happy September friends! Now how did that even happen?!

I thought it was time for a life update. This summer has been full of all sorts of things… so this is a snippet of my life, currently.

The lump.

Since this probably caught your attention, I thought I would address it first. A few years ago, I developed a lump on my side (near the bra line). I went to the doctor and he told me there was no need to worry about it. It appeared to be a sebaceous cyst.

This past July I went for my annual exam with a different doctor. He was immediately concerned about the lump. He said it was too large and hard to be a sebaceous cyst and that he would like the lump to be tested immediately. Regardless of the test results, he was also going to refer me to a surgeon because he believed it best for the lump to be removed. To make matters worse, because of the size of the lump (it’s bigger than a golf ball) I would most likely have to go under general anesthetic.

Of course this news sent me reeling. Thoughts of cancer filled me with fear. On top of that, I’ve never had surgery before and I’m terrified of general anesthetic.

Within a week, I was in for an ultrasound of the lump. It turned out to be a large benign lipoma. Praise God!

So in a few weeks I’ll meet with the surgeon and hopefully I’ll have more clarity on what’s ahead with the removal of the lump. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for strength and peace through the remainder of this process.


The summer is full of birthday celebrations for our family! One particular celebration was a big one… my youngest daughter turned five. We had a wonderful day with her. I know I’m a bit biased, but what a cute little face, hey?!
Life currently... a fifth birthday!


It’s fall! Yay! From the colours on the trees to the sweaters, from pumpkin spice to the crisp air… I adore everything about this season.

I’ve been filling my Fall Pinterest board with all sorts of ideas and recipes. I look forward to cooking, creating, and crafting. I’m also itching to take out our fall decorations and my Thanksgiving Banner!

I even made a fancy little bucket list to achieve all my fall-inspired dreams this year. Newsletter subscribers, feel free to get your 8×10 copy from the subscriber’s library!
Our fall bucket list! It's a free downloadable 8x10 print!


With fall, comes more activities (extra-curricular and otherwise). I have been testing out all sorts of crockpot recipes. If you have a great standby crockpot recipe, let me know!


I know spring cleaning is “the thing” but I absolutely LOVE fall cleaning. This past week I was inspired to start sorting, organizing, and cleaning. We’ve already dropped off one bag of donations!

Every time I clean like this, I ask myself, how we get so much stuff (and why)?! I’m going to try to be more mindful of what I bring into the house from now on.

New spaces.

With the cleaning mania, I felt inspired to design some new spaces for the girls. My favourite is this quiet reading / learning area which I created in the corner of the living room. Isn’t it sweet?!
Life currently, a new learning space for my girls.


This summer, I felt strongly compelled to seek out community within my church. I started praying about it and was encouraged by a Christian blogger to ask God to reveal someone to me… and when that happens, to ask them out to coffee.

I prayed this prayer and within days, I received a message in my email box with the subject line of:


I kid you not.

The email was from the leader of the children’s ministry. She wanted to meet me for coffee and see if I was interested in serving in one of the children’s classes.

Friends, no one at my church knows my history of 20 years in the child care profession. No one knows I have a diploma in early childhood development. Only God knows… and he called me out of hiding to serve His children.

So, starting this month, I’ll be volunteering twice a month in the grade 3/4 class. I’m excited to see where this new adventure will take me.


I love praise and worship music but I stumbled upon this song a few weeks ago and I adore it. It’s beautiful and calming (and makes me think of the angels singing in Heaven).


This summer has presented us with opportunities to help those in need. As I shared recently, we donated school supplies to children in need but my girls also participated in a city-wide lemonade stand fundraiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Their little stand raised a little over $126 and we just found out that all of the stands together raised over $50,000! How awesome!
Life currently, lemonade stand fundraiser for the Stollery Children's Hospital.


I teach the girls year-round but with the month of September, I’m adding extra learning activities into my youngest daughter’s program plan. In fact, I scheduled and shared all of our plans for the month of September on my other blog, Deliberate Homeschooling. Check it out if you have a chance!


This summer, my husband and I binge-watched the Netflix Series, Stranger Things.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I could not get enough of the retro ’80’s feel of that show. It was awesome and I can’t wait to watch the next season.

I’m also patiently awaiting the new Gilmore Girls. I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating… I love that show!

Well, that’s most of the news. What’s happening in your life lately?


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