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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In addition, text and image links to merchants in this post may be affiliate / referral links, which means we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through those particular links. See our full disclosure policy here.

Afraid you’ll kill the conversation on your blog? Do you want more comments on your blog?

Chances are you want and enjoy quality comments on your blog but did you know there are things that can KILL the conversation on your blog. Today I’m going to take a few minutes to highlight them so that you can avoid these comment pitfalls.

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Your post is hard to read

Small font, no spaces between paragraphs, lots of grammatical and spelling errors, and nothing to break up the post (such as photos). If your post is hard to read, then obviously, comments will be low.

Ironic Sans presents a great example of how white text on black is hard to read. Visit HERE for a demonstration.

Action Items

  • Choose an easy to read font.
  • Pay careful attention to your background colour and font colour.
  • Put spaces between paragraphs.
  • Add photos to your posts.
  • Keep paragraphs as short as possible.
  • Use sub-headings throughout the post.

You’ve left me nothing to comment on

In this situation, you’ve written a post that hasn’t provided an invitation for me to comment. There’s either no call to action or the post was talking at me instead of talking with me.

Action Items

  • End your posts with a question or a call to action.
  • Even if your post is a photo update, offer some snippet or point for someone to comment on, even if this means leaving a “clue” in the title of the post. i.e. “Photo of the Week: Baby’s First Tooth”.

You’re producing too much content

If you have a post being published every day, it’s likely I won’t be reading each one. Readers can get overwhelmed by too much content.

Imagine fishing with a net (no fishing pole in this analogy folks). If you keep dropping the net into the water and immediately pulling it up, it’s unlikely you’ll catch many fish. However, if you entice the fish to swim towards the net and leave your net sit in the water for a while, it’s very likely you’ll pull up some fish. How do you get the fish to swim towards the net? Well, that’s a whole other post.

Action Items

  • Evaluate your publishing schedule. How often are you publishing content?
  • Leave a day or two between posts, so people have time to read and comment on your posts.
  • Experiment with your blogging schedule and see what encourages the most comments.
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You never reply to comments

When someone stops by to visit your blog and comments on your post, make sure to reply to them. Also, make sure your replies are thoughtful, genuine, and if applicable, invite further discussion.

Action Items

  • Reply to comments left on your blog.
  • Make your comments sincere (not blanket statements i.e. “Thanks for stopping by”).
  • If possible, ask a question. This may entice your visitor to respond and leave another comment.

I’m not notified that you responded to my comment

You might as well not comment if I’m never notified that you’ve replied to my comment. I comment on 15-20 posts a day… sometimes more. It’s very rare I’ll return to a post to check and see if someone replied to my comment. However, if I receive a notification that you replied, I will definitely make my way back there.

Action Items

  • Choose a commenting system that has an automated reply system in it. 
  • If you’re using a basic WordPress comment system, find a plugin that will send reply notifications to the people who comment on your blog.

You have CAPTCHA

Do I need to mention this? CAPTCHA can be really hard to read and time-consuming to input. If someone enters it incorrectly a couple of times, they may give up on commenting altogether.

Comments can be very meaningful to bloggers. However, there are some ways to kill the conversation on your blog. Here are some tips to avoid these pitfalls.

Action Items

  • Remove CAPTCHA.
  • Moderate your comments first if you’re concerned about SPAM.
  • Look into alternative SPAM filters.

You have a poor/malfunctioning commenting system

Oh my goodness! You have written the best post I’ve read in a while. I leave an epic 400+ word comment and it disappears into thin air. No notification that it is being held for moderation… nothing. I now have a dilemma: do I try to write the same comment again or do I keep it short and sweet my second time around?

Now I have to admit, this has happened a few times on here on The Deliberate Mom; when a legitimate comment is flagged as SPAM and caught by Akismet. However my awesome commenting system comes in handy with fixing this issue because I review my SPAM before deleting it. So, when I reply to the comment, the person who left it knows that the comment was received.

The worst culprit for this is the default Blogger commenting system. Sometimes a comment will just disappear into cyberspace.

Action Items

  • Choose a quality commenting system (if you’re on Blogger, install an alternate system).
  • Occasionally test your commenting system (especially if you haven’t received comments for a couple of days).
  • If you run into a glitch on someone’s site, send them a quick email to let them know. 9 out of 10 times they will be super thankful that you informed them of the issue you had.

You never leave the comfort of your URL

People are visiting you but you never venture over to others’ sites. This can be frustrating for people who visit you regularly. They may eventually stop commenting or stop visiting altogether.

Also, you will never meet new friends if you don’t go out and socialize! Regularly find new blogs to follow and let them know you’ve stopped by (but please don’t leave your URL in your comment field, use the URL box provided). URLs in comments are often flagged as SPAM.

Action Items

  • Take the time to visit the sites of the people who comment on your site. Leave a comment so they know you stopped by.
  • Have a system to reciprocate (i.e. Once you reply to someone’s comment on your blog, pay a visit to their blog).
  • Venture out and visit new blogs. Try to find a new blog to follow and comment on every 1-2 weeks. Make sure to comment so that they know you’ve been there.
  • Set up “profiles” with all the major commenting systems so that bloggers can easily visit your blog.
  • Make your comments meaningful. No one likes to see: “Great post!” The more meaningful the comment, the more likely they will be to stop by and visit you.

What advice would you give to help keep bloggers from killing the conversation on their blogs? Has anything helped you get more comments on your posts?



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