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How do I get everything done and make time to do the things I want to do? How do I manage my household AND spend quality time with my children?

Here are my top tips for how to budget your time wisely so that you have more time for you (and your loved ones).

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1- Step away from the computer and put down your phone

I put this as my first tip because I need to be extra mindful with this one. Whether I’m tidying the house or spending time with my kids, I’m way more engaged and effective when I step away from technology. Emails, text messages, and social media are great thieves of time. If you want to have more time with your loved ones, give up technology at certain times of the day.

2- Get help

If your children are big enough to help out with the chores, enlist their help. My youngest daughter likes to fold towels and put away dishes. My oldest daughter likes to sweep and mop. If you’re working on chores together, you can still talk and be playful.

3- Do freezer cooking or make extra food

Whenever you can, make a few extra servings of dinner and freeze them. You could also do freezer cooking and make all of your meals a week or two ahead of time.

4- Clean as you go

Never leave a room without taking an item to put away. Make it a habit to pause at the doorway of a room and scan the area for anything that needs to be returned to a different room along the way. A glass in the living room can be brought to the kitchen or a dirty towel can be brought to the laundry hamper.

5- Do the end-of-evening tidy-up

Every night before bed, I tidy the kitchen (i.e. put the dishes in the dishwasher, clean the sink, tidy the front entrance, and fluff the couch cushions). I find by doing this, the house feels clean and ready to go the next morning.

6- Tackle one cleaning chore a day

I like to do one cleaning chore a day rather than clean everything once or twice a week. If you’re curious about my cleaning schedule, you may download it from this post here.

7- Package snacks and lunch items

I like to have little snack packs for my girls. On a particularly busy week, I will bake muffins for the week, package their snacks ahead of time, and place them on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

8- Make dinner together

I enjoy making dinner and/or baking with my children. It’s a wonderful way to connect with them while still getting the chore of meal prep done.

9- Declutter

When I say declutter, I’m not just referring to purging the belongings in your house. While having less stuff means having less to clean and maintain, you should also look at decluttering your schedule. Which activities are not essential?  Consider dropping them.

10- Schedule your time

Speaking of schedule, my most important tip is to schedule your time effectively. Look at all of your duties in the day and record them into your daytimer and calendar. The #1 activity to schedule… time for yourself. If you make it the most important daily event, it will be your most important activity.

The #2 activity to schedule, time with your children and/or spouse. If you want to connect with your children or spouse, you have to mindfully make the time to connect with them!

What do you do to strike a balance between managing your household freeing up time to do what you love to do?



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