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Mommy Reality: Me In My PJs

Mommy reality… being a stay-at-home mom means I have a uniform. My uniform, unless I’m leaving the house, is my PJs. I know! Isn’t that awful?! I try really hard to get dressed every day and most days I succeed but the second it’s my relaxation time, I change into my uniform.

Several weeks ago a lovely trio of ladies started a #mommyreality challenge. Carolyn, Jen, and Celeste serve up weekly challenges, asking moms to dish the goods, be honest, and bare our true selves. Now I’ve been following along and enjoying these glimpses of reality. However, last week, Jen from JENerally Informed put the ultimate challenge out there… share the #mommyreality of what our favourite comfy clothes are! I couldn’t resist….

I can’t believe I’m going to do this! Call me insane. 

To truly capture the nature of my “momwear”, I’m without makeup and my hair is up because I’m probably going to be making a meal, changing a poopy pull-up, or cleaning the house. If the kids are asleep, simply swap out the coffee mug and replace it with a wine glass.

I also thought I would share the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter versions of my “momwear”. Are you ready for this?!

Momwear - The Mommy Reality Challenge #mommyreality

So that’s it… my mommy reality of me in my comfy clothes. What does your momwear look like? 

Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool, creator of The Deliberate Mom, Deliberate Homeschooling and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Jennifer writes about parenting, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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45 thoughts on “Mommy Reality: Me In My PJs

  • Yanic A.

    Love it!!! I’m not a pjs all day kind of girl (I’m incredibly hot all the time!), but I love a pair of jeans and a tank top… add on a pair of flip flops and I’m ready to go! And no make-up is just what I do… I never have make up on. :-P Any recent picture you’ve seen of me has no make up… Oh, and pony tail! Must have the pony tail.

  • Leilani

    Love this haha! I love that you just add the sweater and tada! You’re set for winter. Emily and I have been lounging around outside her mom’s house all day with the kiddos. . . I’m thinking we’ll have to snap a picture of how awesome we look in pajamas, which is what we wear, too! My kids always know when we’re going somewhere “real” because I start to put on actual clothes.

    • Jen@JENerallyInformed

      Oh my gosh this would totally be my uniform as well!! Ten out of ten on the awesomely comfortable outfit scale. I would never take it off. Tank top in the summer and sweater in the winter, covers all of the bases! Make-up pishaw who needs it anyways! I think I need your sockies BTW ….

  • Courtney Conover

    First, let’s cover the most important thing: Your hair looks effortlessly amazing. (Sorry, I know this is a post about PJs, but, you know me: I’m always looking at hair first. ;-) Seriously, I LOVE your cut…

    Secondly, aren’t Banana Republic tanks The Best? I need to pick up a few more…

    And about this statement: “But the second it’s my relaxation time, I change into my uniform.”

    This is me. The moment we come back from say, dinner at our local diner, I’m making a bee-line back to our bedroom to do what? Throw on my PJs! lol

    Loved this post.


    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      My hair?! You’re kidding right? It’s swept into a bun-like thing at the back and secured with two extra large barrettes… but I guess if you say effortlessly amazing, I’ll go with that over “lazy bun”!

      The Banana Republic tanks are so soft and cozy. I love them as my sleep wear!

      I am totally a PJs girl. When I’m at home, that’s my preferred outfit. Anything else feels too restrictive!

      Glad you enjoyed this Courtney!

      Wishing you a lovely day.

  • Tiffany (A Touch of Grace)

    Well at least you look super cute in your “uniform.” :) On the days I don’t work, if we aren’t going anywhere, I change from my PJs into yoga or some other sort of comfy pants. I might as well stay in my PJs, ha!

    Have a great week Jennifer!

  • Katie | The Surly Housewife

    I actually text a pic of me in my “Uniform” (yoga pants and a hoodie) to my husband when I get home so he knows I got home safe haha. In the summer, my uniform must change since our central air is broken (booohooo) so I am usually in the ONE pair of shorts I have that fit and a t-shirt. All my tank tops are either from before I was pregnant, too small, or while I was pregnant, stretched out. I think I need to go shopping! Holy cat. And my kids always say “Where are we going?” when I get my real clothes on too. No fooling them!!

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Star and moon print… wow! They PJ bottoms are fairly new (less than 1 year old). Prior to that I had a pair of grey PJ bottoms that about four years old and were grease stained from eating popcorn in them (and frequently dropping butter smothered popcorn on them). Disgusting!

      It’s a fun challenge. Are you going to show us your Momwear Kristen?!

      Have a great day!

  • Tamara

    I very much enjoy the transition from spring/summer to fall/winter! It just works!
    For me, I might have an iced coffee in the first photo.
    I generally wear a t-shirt or tank top and printed moose pants.
    Oh yes.

  • Sanz

    Ha! This is awesome. My mom wear is usually jeans and a blouse of some type. Although, I love skirts in the summer…I just need to get a few that I really love and are more versatile. Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile. :)

  • Topaz

    Wait. What??? You mean this is not what EVERYONE else is wearing? In my case, I have a favorite pair of jeans that’s insanely soft, partly because they are almost one big hole. lol Yeah, I cannot go out of the house in these anymore. I’m just counting the days down until I get to add the sweater. I’m crackin’ up at your click to tweet… “See Jennifer in her PJs! Momwear… the #mommyreality challenge.” Have a beautiful and comfy week. xo

  • Rebecca

    You look adorable! This is the third mommy-reality challenge I’ve seen where the mom looks great in her casual clothes. And bonus points to you for going seasonal! I’m also a sock person. Cant go without ’em!

  • Debbie

    Hi Jennifer, love the winter to summer look, so classy yet so simple and the mug of coffee is definitely a Mummy essential – I wonder if they do a back pack like runners use that would hold hot coffee.

    PS – you look great without make up!

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I’m all about versatility Debbie! Thank you so much for the compliment that I look good without makeup… whew! I was getting a little nervous with this picture of me makeup-free and wearing my comfy clothes would be splattered all over the internet and haunting me forevermore!

      You won’t see me without my coffee. It gets me through the day with a smile on my face!

  • Amanda - Growing Up Madison

    Guess what Jen, I think that is actually most moms go to wear when they are home. Since I’ve been home on convalescent leave I’ve been in PJ’s almost every single day and I love it. I’m going to be unemployed soon because of my health issues and I can certainly see me buying a few more to get comfortable. :) Love the versatility with the sweater lol

  • Jessica Dimas

    Hahahahaha oh my gosh, I LOVE YOU!!! How did I miss this post?! I was seriously laughing out loud, you totally nailed the mom uniform. Although I’m going to admit that in this summer heat, I have lost the pants on some mornings. Just the tank up and underwear is what I look like making breakfast some mornings lol!

    Sooo hilarious in the second photo you just added a little sweater, haha! I’ve got to do a post like this. Thank you for your honesty! The mommy blog world needs a lot more of this!