A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom

A day in the life of a homeschool mom. #schedule #homeschool

One of the questions I’m frequently asked, is how do I accomplish everything I need to get done in the day?

My answer is less sleep and more coffee.


I actually considered stopping there and doing a follow-up post the next day but hey, that just wouldn’t be nice of me, would it?!

Well, aside from having to do lists and plans, I have a strict schedule that I follow. Since many of you have asked what my typical day looks like, I thought I would share my schedule with you… I hope it’s not too boring!

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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom

5:30  am

I wake up. I start my day by drinking 1 cup of warm lemon water followed up with 10-15 minutes of oil-pulling. The oil-pulling is usually done while I ride my exercise bike and read the Bible.

6:00 am

I make my breakfast, eat, drink my morning cup of coffee, read some more of my Bible, and pray.

I always start my homeschool day with breakfast, coffee, prayer, and the Bible.

6:30 am

I shower, dress, and then start a load of laundry. I may also tackle one of my daily chores from my Home Cleaning Schedule.

7:15 am

Usually at this time I read and respond to emails and/or comments on my blog.

ARE YOU BORED YET?! Really, the only reason why I’m sharing is because I’ve had so many of you lovelies ask! It will get more interesting once the kids get up and homeschooling starts.

8:00 am

Both my girls get up. Sometimes a wee bit earlier but often a bit later. I usually put on the jazz music station in the morning… I love it and I think it makes for an inspiring learning atmosphere.

8:15 am

I serve the girls breakfast. They usually like granola, oatmeal, toast, or bagels for breakfast.

While the girls are eating, I make sure I have all the needed materials for homeschooling. Then I clean the kitchen.

8:45 am

After the table is cleared and cleaned off, we start homeschooling.

Bible and Language Arts are done first thing.

10:00 am

Fresh juice or smoothie break! Served with a little snack of muffins, sliced bananas, or apples.

While I am preparing the smoothie, I usually have my girls watch a short educational video, listen to The Story of the World on CD or do a Brain Pop video & quiz.

Fresh juice or smoothie break. This is an important time in our homeschool schedule!

If they didn’t get dressed first thing, then I get them to do it now. I have better success in the day when they get dressed as soon as they get up in the morning.

10:30 am

I try to schedule a brief excursion outside at this time.

A little outside break before we continue with our learning.#homeschool #schedule

Even if it means collecting something for science or art. A bit of fresh air usually recharges us for the rest of the morning.

We continue homeschooling (usually 3 more subjects depending on the day). The subjects may be Math, Social, Science, or Health.

Science - exploring magnets #homeschool #schedule

11:45 am

Art project, music lesson with KinderBach or watching another short educational video to reinforce something we’ve learned that morning.

While they are busy with that, I prepare lunch.

12:15 pm

Lunch time. We all sit together to enjoy lunch.

12:45 pm

I clean up from lunch while the girls have some play time.

1:00 pm

I prepare my youngest daughter for her rest time.

1:15 pm

My youngest daughter is resting!

My oldest daughter watches a children’s show of her choice for her “rest time” and/or reads.

Reading is scheduled into my daughter's homeschool day #homeschool #schedule

After her rest she does 1/2 hour – 1 hour of physical fitness. I have a scheduled rotation of dance, kids’ fitness, and yoga DVDs that she does daily.

I make myself a green tea and sit down to quickly document the learning from the morning. After this, I do blog-related work; during the month of November, this has been my NaNoWriMo writing time (if you haven’t read a snippet of what I’ve written so far, you can do so by visiting HERE).

3:00 pm

I make a snack for my oldest. Usually my youngest is still resting.

Help my oldest daughter find something to work on (a craft project, research for a project, an educational game, etc.)

I ride my exercise bike for about 15 minutes while reading the Bible or if I’m feeling depleted, I might take a Stay-At-Home-Yoga break!

4:00 pm

I start dinner preparations.

I may read with my oldest daughter or do some prep for the next day’s homeschool lessons while supper is on the stove.

Help my youngest transition from nap.

5:00 pm

Supper time! Pictured here is one of my favourite “go-to” meals, “breakfast for dinner”!

My homeschool day... dinner time! #homeschool #schedule

5:45 pm

After dinner clean up.

Kids have free play time.

Our homeschool schedule includes play time. #homeschool #schedule

I may tackle a small cleaning project.

7:30 pm

Start the evening bedtime routine.

Eat a bedtime snack; apples and peanut butter, a banana, or a handful of carrots.

Brush teeth, go to the toilet, wash hands. Change into PJs (if they’re not already in them).

We do not bathe every day. We usually bathe 2-3 times per week and that takes place at about 6:30 on the evenings that are bath nights.

Read the Bible, goodnight hugs and kisses.

8:00 pm

Lights out for my youngest.

My oldest daughter goes to her room and reads from 8:00 – 9:00/9:15.

My husband and I have independent “work time” from 8:00-9:15. I may do blogging stuff, sewing, or homeschool prep. He may do writing or animation work.

9:15 pm

At 9:15 we convene in the living room (usually with popcorn) and watch a TV show off of Netflix or something we’ve recorded on the PVR.

10:15 pm

I do a quick 5-10 minute tidy of the kitchen and living room.

Get ready for bed, I read my Bible, and lights out usually by 10:45.

That’s my day! Of course this schedule changes if we have a field trip, grocery shopping, or a special outing planned. However, I try to keep it consistent throughout the week.

*Please note that we have rough days and some days we throw the schedule out the window because that’s what we all need. Homeschooling, just like anything else, has its good days and bad days. I find that by keeping a schedule we are more likely to have good days.*

Do you have a daily schedule that your family follows?




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  1. says

    Twitter handle:
    It would make you feel awkward if you knew how long I’ve been waiting for this post, LOL. You are such an awesome mom!!! I wish I could’ve had this childhood. I love how structured your day is while also feeling laid back. I also love how you get up early and get yourself ready for the day. Thank you for sharing your day with us, it was most definitely NOT boring to read, I assure you! I’ve always wanted to know what a day in the life of a homeschooling mom looked like, now I have an idea :)
    Jessica Dimas recently posted…Amish Cinnamon Bread Without a StarterMy Profile

    • says

      Twitter handle:
      How long have you been waiting (now you have me curious)… LOL.

      It took me forever to put this together because up until about a month ago, I was still testing things out but this is working for the time being. I need to be super intentional with my time, otherwise I end up wasting hours on Pinterest and Instagram.

      I’m glad you also caught onto that flow of structure, yet laid back. I need it that way… and so do my kids.

  2. says

    Your youngest takes a 3 hour nap??? Wow! Sorry, I know this wasn’t the point of your post, but I am just so impressed ;-) I like your structured day, I couldn’t do it!
    I am curious: how did you end up homeschooling?

    • says

      Twitter handle:
      I guess I should have included that she’s not sleeping the entire time. It’s more like 1 1/2- 2 hours. She spends about an hour chatting to herself before she falls asleep and she does the same thing when she wakes up. She does this at bedtime too.

      We started homeschooling out of “necessity”. My oldest has life threatening dairy allergies and we did’t feel a large school environment would be safe for her. However, a few years into it and I can’t imagine NOT homeschooling. We love it and she’s thriving. If her allergies disappeared tomorrow, we would continue our homeschooling journey because it’s been so fulfilling for everyone!

  3. says

    Twitter handle:
    Hi Jennifer, I suspected that being organized and self discipline was the secret of your success and I was right! Thank you for sharing how you fit so much into your day, I’m going to curl up in the corner and cry!!

    If I lived on my own without a family, then I think I could be organised, but as things are I find it difficult…I can be disciplined as things like exercise and walking the dogs, go without saying, but my day always seems to have kinks in it.
    Debbie recently posted…I’ve Got Work!!My Profile

  4. says

    Twitter handle:
    Jennifer, I am so impressed! You are SO intentional with your time…I wish I could be more like you in that area. I’m not necessarily a time waster, but I could definitely be a little more intentional with it. I loved reading how you spend your day. It is so helpful for me to see how others moms manage their time. You’ve inspired me to do a post like this! Your girls are so cute, and they are really lucky to be homeschooled with their mama everyday. They will turn out to be solid, I’m sure of it.
    Chelsea recently posted…Grateful for an Understanding HusbandMy Profile

  5. says

    Twitter handle:
    Actually, I found it totally interesting! It has such a nice, soothing flow. I love that you get alone time, and that the girls sleep on the later side, and that you all fall into your rhythms together.
    I love it. I’m not a homeschooling mom and I never will be because I’m not a good teacher and I’d miss photography too much, but I love so many aspects of it.
    Tamara recently posted…It Ain’t Easy Being Random.My Profile

    • says

      Twitter handle:
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this Tamara. I love the rhythms of our day too… I tried to intentionally pad busy time with down time. Concentrated learning times are wedged between creative and active times. I think it keeps all of us happier and functioning better.

      Plus this mama needs to take care of herself. I want my children to see the value in taking care of oneself. Some people go their whole lives without leaning the value of self-care.

  6. says

    Twitter handle:
    Hi Jennifer! I think it really helps to be an organizational queen! Your days are just filled with life and love and doing what you really want to dedicate your time to…and that is such a gift. I’m so proud of you! Not many people can say that they are blessed with the time and opportunity to keep up the pace that you do, or have the support of your spouse.

    You go girl!
    Ceil recently posted…Hold On Or Let Go?My Profile

    • says

      Twitter handle:
      Ha! Did you notice that I didn’t write about my weekends?! I do some blogging on the weekends too. Eventually when NaNoWriMo’s out of the way and I’m all caught up with commenting, etc. I’ll go back to having weekends off.

      One thing I learned (while on a blog staycation) was to stay focused, have goals, and limit distractions. So I can actually get a lot of blogging done during those windows of time during the week.

  7. says

    Twitter handle:
    I loved reading this and getting a peak into your schedule. I shared mine a while ago, although I don’t think I was that detailed with my times. I’ve had requests to post how I schedule my blogging/commenting time so I might do a follow up with that!
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Flurry Of EmotionsMy Profile

  8. says

    Twitter handle:
    I think you just saved my life with breakfast for dinner.

    My Husband is the usual cook around the house, but with him working later making dinner is falling to me…and I’m terrible at it. But breakfast foods is something I know how to do!

    I think all Mom-cooking nights are going to be breakfast nights from here on out until I can learn some new skills.

    Also, less sleep – more coffee. Right on.
    Amanda recently posted…You’re Going to Love Your Scar One Day: A C-Section Love StoryMy Profile

  9. says

    Twitter handle:
    Thanks for sharing this! I love getting a peek into the schedules of other homeschool moms. Your schedule looks more productive than mine, so I will take comfort by reminding myself that no where here did I read “wake up with baby 5 times” from 10pm-5am….LOL….such a phase…
    April recently posted…Book Review: Watching Seeds GrowMy Profile

  10. says

    Absolutely love this post Jennifer! I’m always impressed by how much you can accomplish in a day and big kuddos for getting up before the sun! I get up early on the days I work but struggle on my days off. I really like the variety you have in your day with your girls, and all the activities you incorporate.
    Love that you are riding your exercise bike more. :)

    Tiffany-A Touch of Grace recently posted…#graceeveryday 2014 week 46My Profile

  11. says

    Twitter handle:
    I love your independent work time after your day! That’s what I need. I need some sort of structured schedule because between work, Dylan, dinner and chores, I’m not getting anything done. My bloglovin’ feed has over 200 unread posts and I haven’t commented back in my posts for way too long. Playing catchup is a serious business. I’m hoping with the US Thanksgiving holiday this week I’ll be able to catch up completely and devise a better system. You have it down! I feel like I’m drowning.
    Rebecca recently posted…Mommy is Sorry.My Profile

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