Do you want to encourage generosity in your children this Christmas? Parenting is tough year-round, but Christmas, as lovely as it is, can unintentionally breed greed and entitlement in young children. However, it’s also the perfect time to teach children important lessons about empathy, generosity, and kindness.

This article gives some inspiring and helpful suggestions to help you encourage generosity in your children this Christmas season. (Make sure to scroll down for $500 giveaway).

How to Encourage Generosity in Your Children this Christmas

Before the Christmas tree goes up my children go into full-on “wanting” mode.

I understand.

I remember those exciting times as a kid… anticipating that special day of the year when you get gifts from others simply because you’re loved.

Yet I worry.

I fear that greed and entitlement will overcome my children. As their Christmas lists, grow, so does my concern that greed will overcome them.

Does this burden you too? Here are some practical ways to encourage generosity in your children this Christmas.

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First of all, why not start the season with an attitude of generosity? Instead of encouraging your child to write a Christmas wish list, get them to write a Christmas giving list. Have them write out the ways they would like to help others this year. A few prompts for this list could be:

  • I would like to help…
  • I would like to donate…
  • I would like to invite…
  • I would like to send a Christmas card to…
  • I would like to make…
  • I would like to give…


In addition, generosity can be practiced daily throughout the Christmas season.

Write 24 special activities and acts of kindness on pieces of paper. Do one activity every day leading up to Christmas.

Our meaningful Christmas countdown is a beloved tradition.

This is a fabulous alternative to an advent calendar. Teach children about the spirit of giving in the days leading up to Christmas. Print off cards for the days leading up to Christmas which have activities on them (i.e. donate food to the food bank, donate hats and mitts to the homeless, donate dog and cat food to the animal shelter, etc.)


Perhaps you can investigate volunteer opportunities that your children can participate in over the Christmas season? Here are some possible volunteer activities you can do with your children:

  • sing carols at a senior’s home
  • clean kennels at an animal shelter
  • help deliver meals to seniors who are confined to their homes
  • shovel neighbours’ sidewalks

It’s always a good idea to call organizations in advance to see if help is needed. Some places have age restrictions or may be booking volunteer opportunities far in advance.

What I love about volunteerism, is it teaches children that generosity isn’t just about giving money, people can be generous with their time.


Furthermore, give your children a budget and have them select toys to donate to children in need. 

Our children have save / give / spend jars that they use to store their money. They use their own money to purchase and donate toys. Using their own money has a lot more meaning then simply buying it for them to donate.


The food bank is always in need of donations. Encourage your children to collect food from family and friends. After they’ve filled a box, they can donate it to the food bank. This article highlights how to make the most of your food bank donations.

You could even plan a reverse advent calendar! The way this works is you start with an empty basket and for every day in December leading up to Christmas, have your children add an item to the basket. Encourage them to use some of their allowance to purchase items for the basket.

As my children's Christmas lists, grow, so does my concern that greed will overcome them. Here are some ways to encourage generosity in your children.


Every year, my children and I gather around the World Vision catalog and we select a gift for a community in need. From livestock to medicines, and clean water to education, there are plenty of gifts to send to a community in need.


Get out the construction paper and crayons! Have your children make Christmas cards for people who are in the hospital for Christmas or for seniors in a care facility.


Last of all, try asking your children how they would like to be more generous this Christmas season! You might be surprised by all the wonderful ideas they come up with!

It’s never too late to encourage generosity in your children. Whether they donate time, goods, or money, there’s always some way to help those in need.


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