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It’s the new year and you may be feeling one of two things:

1- You’re invigorated and full of energy… overflowing with ambition and ideas.

2- You’re exhausted and ready to settle down for your long winter’s nap.

If you’re feeling sluggish, then chances are you’re running low on blogging inspiration. I’m here today to provide some inspiration to help you curate some awesome ideas for your blog! Are you ready?! Let’s go!

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What do you write about?

Consider what you write about. Do you have a niche? What are your categories? What do you like to write about the most?

What’s hot right now?

Check out the headlines, posts on Facebook, and the popular pins on Pinterest. What are people excited about? If it’s something you’re familiar with, tap into the excitement and write about it.

What’s the season’s inspiration?

Is there a big holiday coming up or a perhaps the chill of winter could inspire some post ideas? Tap into the seasons and write about them.

Idea lists

My Mama Miss All Inclusive Blogging Planner comes with two pages of ideas broken up by month (Mama Miss also sells this two sheet package for $2). There’s loads of inspiration in this document!

Seasonal theme ideas and writing prompts. #printable

Look to YOUR blog for inspiration

Look at your analytics. What search engine topics bring people to your blog? What are your most popular posts? Can you write about these topics/themes again and put a refreshing spin on it?

Look to OTHER blogs for inspiration

Did a blogger write something that really made you think? Karren, over at Oh My Heartsie Girl wrote a post about how she was going through blogger burnout. After writing a lengthy comment, I realized I could write a whole post about blogger burnout… so I did. Your fellow blogging buddies can be a HUGE source of inspiration.

Blogging challenges

Many blogging groups provide periodic theme-of-the-day challenges. Try looking up old archived challenges and see if any ideas inspire you. You don’t necessarily have to commit to a 30 day challenge… just check them out for inspiration.

Do something else

Go for a walk. Try a new craft. Do something with friends. The real world provides loads of material to write about.

Always have a blog post ideas list

Ideas can come at any time. I type the ideas I have into my phone. Later on, I transfer them onto my blogging ideas sheet. I also document their theme/topic/season so that the process of filling out my monthly editorial calendar is simplified. Screenshot 2015-01-02 at 3.54.46 PM Today I’m sharing my two-page ideas sheet with you (it’s two pages because I couldn’t decide between one of two quotes to put at the top of it).  Subscribers can access the download from the exclusive Deliberate Mom Printable Library. Not a subscriber yet? I invite you to become one using the form below!

How do you come up with your blog post ideas?




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