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Lately, I’ve felt muddled and bogged down. I’ve been praying for clarity on several things in my life and have felt overwhelmed with confusion.

It’s times like this that I dive into the Psalms.

I’m always stunned and enchanted by the way David would tear away any niceties and would cry out to the Lord. He was raw and honest with God. Sometimes he even started his Psalm as a rant but several verses later, it would turn into praise.

I, myself, recently started to rant. As I did so, this came out. I don’t usually write poetry, but I felt I had to share.

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A Love So True and Dear

The world is a big place.

There are so many people.


Living, loving, moving, striving.

Working, eating, selling, and buying.

Giving, taking, healing, and killing.

The world is a big place, and it’s my dwelling.


So I do what I can to make it brighter,

But my soul feels heavy and dark… not lighter.

I am an artist, a painter, a writer,

A helper, a worker, and sometimes a fighter.


I feel a weight, so heavy and bleak,

I look for light, that’s what I seek.

Endless love and saving grace,

A touch, a kiss, a warm embrace.


I need a deliverer, and a king,

A healer to help my soul to sing.

I need a savior and a friend,

One who’s with me until the end.


I looked around, among, and through,

Yet there’s no one that I knew,

Who can give me what I need,

Despite how much I beg and plead.


Then I heard it, a message so clear,

He wants me now, he wants me here.

He loves me regardless of where I’ve been,

The rules I broke, and the troubles I’ve seen.


He wants my heart; he wants my soul.

I cry out loud as the tears roll.

I give my life every day,

Take me, Lord, I barely say.


A new light dawns,

My life begins.

Though troubles arise,

I am free from sins.


There’s no shackles, no guilt, no fear.

There’s just a love, so true and dear.


Blessings to you dear friends. Wishing you a lovely weekend.




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Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
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