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Today I have a special treat for you! This is a project my husband did a few years ago and we thought we would share it here on the blog with you!

DIY Rock Nativity - easy to make and affordable! #craft

Rock Nativity

Easy to do, low-cost, and adorable. This is one of my favourite nativities. My girls love it and they are frequently playing with the pieces. It would be a lovely family project and especially doable with older children.


This project doesn’t need very many items.

Supplies needed for painted rock nativity. #craft

All you need is:

  • rocks
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • protective sealant/spray

How To

  1. First you will want to wash and dry your rocks. Let your rocks dry at least a full day prior to painting them.
  2. Paint your pieces. You can look at my husband’s for inspiration or make your own cute expressions.
  3. Let the painted rocks dry for a full 48 hours.
  4. Spray with a protective sealant. When using a protective sealant make sure to spray in a well ventilated area (preferably outdoors).

The set my husband made consists of: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, two sheep, two shepherds, a donkey, a cow, 2 camels, and 3 wise men.

Painted rock nativity scene! Easy to do and affordable. #craft

That’s it! Enjoy this one-of-a-kind, easy-to-create nativity!


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