A Dairy-Free Christmas: Chocolate Crunchies

3 Ingredient Chocolate Crunchies (also known as Chocolate Cocaine). #Christmas #cookie

I recently encountered this recipe and I made it my mission to make it dairy-free.


This chocolate nibbly bit is originally named Chocolate Cocaine because of it’s highly addictive nature. I took it upon myself to rename it because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my four-year-old daughter running around telling people I feed her Chocolate Cocaine.

This recipe takes three ingredients. YES… only three and it is now in our Christmas Recipe Hall of Fame.


The Ingredients

1 package of dairy-free Chocolate Chips (I used the Enjoy Life brand)

4 tablespoons of peanut butter (I used Wowbutter)

1 large package of rippled potato chips

The Process

Melt chocolate chips and soy butter in a glass dish in the microwave (on HIGH for about 2 minutes).

While it’s melting, smash up your potato chips into little bitty pieces.

Blend potato chips into the chocolate mixture.

Scoop into small muffin cup liners and refrigerate.


3 Ingredient Chocolate Crunchies (also known as Chocolate Cocaine). #Christmas #cookie


The original recipe shows these little yummy bites in tiny truffle cups but I like the idea of eating two or three larger ones (less guilt involved as opposed to eating nine or ten tiny ones) but these treats can be whatever size you choose!



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    These look like a delicious treat!! I definitely am going to try making these as I’m lactose sensitive and the idea of salty and sweet mixed is so appealing!!

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