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Why am I blogging? Is there a reason why I write and publish regularly? What is the purpose of this? #blogging

I started this year on a mission to build my blog. I made a strategic plan, then wrote, read, commented, and posted my way through months of goals.

I met many of my goals back in June but then something happened. Or perhaps it was the lack of something….

There were no balloons and party hats. There was no major breakthrough with a sponsor. There was no book contract. There was nothing.

This left me wondering. Just what am I doing this for?

I have been seeking and searching, hoping I could find the purpose of why I am blogging. Here is what I came up with….

I love to write

I love to write. There are posts that I bawled my way through while writing them. With a box of tissues beside me and the final click of a button, I publish what I write in hopes that in some way, somehow, what I’ve written would touch someone somewhere.

I love to teach

I’m a natural-born teacher. I spent 20 years in the early childhood profession because I loved to “teach” society’s youngest, littlest people. However, as I aged I began to enjoy sharing my knowledge with adults. Sometimes I’m inspired to do that here, to share parenting techniques or to give a tutorial on something I’ve created.

I love to create

I wouldn’t call myself crafty. Crafty people can take something completely overlooked like twist ties and make it into something extraordinary like fashionable jewelry. I don’t think that way. However, I do like to create things and sometimes I like to share those creations or projects here with you.

But it’s not enough

One might think these are great reasons to have a blog but a little while ago I came to the conclusion that it’s not. This struck me a few weeks into hosting the SHINE Blog Hop. As I visited posts I got excited by the crazy, amazing, genius talent of so many “undiscovered” bloggers. I encountered outstanding, courageous, beautiful people writing and sharing the most brilliant things! 

I found my purpose

I have been praying to have a servant’s heart. To not only bless my family, but to bless everyone I come in contact with. My breakthrough wasn’t in a big sponsor or a book contract… my breakthrough came when I realized that I can serve you. Yes, of course I will still publish my stories, share my knowledge, and reveal my creations BUT I want to make sure that in this process I am always building others up and essentially, serving you.

Whether it’s by showcasing you in the weekly SHINE Blog Hop, reading and commenting on your posts, or giving you a 6:00 Facebook Shout-Out… I want you to know that you are cherished. You, my friend, are loved. More importantly, I could not give away this kind of love on my own but that this love comes from a God who says that each and every one of us is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

So here I am. A box of tissues beside me and a few seconds away from clicking publish. My hope of all hopes is that I can continue to grow to love and to serve you. I wish to be here for you… and if you need it, to pray for you. I long to hold you up and let you know that you are wonderful, beautiful, and cherished. It is my wish that when we visit one another… you know, and feel, that love.

Wishing you love and blessings.



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Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool, creator of The Deliberate Mom, and Deliberate Homeschooling. Jennifer writes about parenting, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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