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I absolutely love the first few minutes of the morning. The head of my bed is on the west wall and a window is on the east wall. Often I will wake with sun streaming in through the window. The light dances across my blankets, warms my face and fills my closed eyes with images of the day’s potential.


I lay there. Silent. Still. The sound of birds singing their joyful morning song fills my ears and lightens my heart. Before I recite the list of things to do and the tasks to accomplish, I say a prayer of thanks for the day. I say a prayer of thanks for the blessings that I have and the blessings I have not yet received. It’s a new day… the beginning of a day that I will never live again. It may echo familiarity of chores that need to be completed or routines that need to be followed, but it still is a new day. A fresh start. A new beginning.
Then I hear the chatters of my baby girl. 
“Maa, maa, ma.”
“Daa, daa, da.”
“Baa, baa, ba.”
I smile and open my eyes. I wiggle my toes and squeeze them tight, then wiggle them again. 
I hear the door to my bedroom open and I see my four-year-old standing at the threshold. She smiles while holding her toy bunny to her face.
I smile back at her as I sit up and stretch the sleep out of my body.
I am filled by expectant anticipation.
I am energized by life.
I am motivated by the fact that this day can be anything I want it to be.
Today I am alive. Today I am blessed. Today is special. Today….
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Photo Credit
Photo by my four-year-old daughter: Princess Shutterbug  
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