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If you follow my other blog, Deliberate Homeschooling, you’re probably already familiar with my love for the Morning Time Basket.

For almost a year and a half, I’ve been starting my children’s homeschool days with Morning Time. How it works is I bring out a basket of books and we ease our way into the day through reading and discussion.

We have daily readings from the Bible, I may read a chapter or two from a piece of literature, and we may peruse a scientific book or read from a biography. Then we recite some poetry, listen to some classical music, and end this special time doing watercolour paintings or chalk pastel drawings.

Morning time is peaceful and it propels us into further studies for the day.

A few months ago I stumbled across an article by Wildflowers & Marbles about A Mother’s Morning Basket. After reading the article, I was completely enticed by the idea of creating a morning basket for myself.

This year I’ve been on a mission to bring simplicity, peace, and rest into my busy mom life. It’s challenging. I often get caught up in busyness, and I forget to nurture myself.

As I thought about the idea of a morning basket, I realized that a morning time practice would be a delightful way to start my day. Armed with a basket of inspiration, I’m eager to nourish my mind and soul first thing in the morning.

Today I want to share my basket of peace, goodness, and joy, with you.

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The day begins bright and early. I get dressed and head downstairs. A glass of lemon water is guzzled, I eat something light (like yogurt or a banana), and then I make myself a cup of coffee. At this time, I may light a candle, or put some essential oils in the diffuser. Then, I sit in the living room.

I place my basket beside my cozy blue chair and dig into the readings for the day.

My morning time chair.

I always start with the Bible (I try not to force myself into reading a preset amount), rather, I read to where I feel like I’ve gotten enough scripture to contemplate.

Afterwards I pray. I have a little notebook in the basket which I use to keep track of prayers and prayer requests.

Then I take some time to look at my day planner. I set goals for the day and I may adjust my plans by adding or taking away activities.

From there, I have several choices: read a non-fiction book, a fiction book, or do some colouring.

I take my time. Nothing else needs to happen in these early morning moments. This is my time… my filling for the day.

After my morning time, I do an exercise set or two from the Homeschool Mom Fitness Routine and then I eat a full breakfast (by this time my girls are usually getting up).

The view from my morning time chair.


You’re probably wondering what’s in my morning time basket. This is the list of items that are currently in my basket. Yes, these are affiliate links, but I only share and endorse what I love!

As I finish books, I’ll rotate them out of the basket and exchange them for new ones.

This time of peaceful and creative reflection is something I look forward to. It sets the tone for a calmer and more inspired day.

So what about you? How do you nourish your mind and spirit?

If you’re intrigued by the idea of creating a mom’s morning time basket, it’s really quite easy. Simply select some inspiring books, and place them in a basket beside a cozy chair. Plan to get up at least half an hour earlier so that you have time to partake of your basket. As the days progress, build a routine that works for you. Maybe you could start this time with some quiet music or a candle.

The key is to make this routine something so precious, you can’t wait for morning to arrive. I’m certain after a few weeks of morning time, you’ll feel rejuvenated.


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