Do you love to do laundry? Or do you look at clothes hampers and laundry machines with contempt? Are you desperate for some laundry tips and tricks?!

If you need some help in the laundry department, then you may want to pour yourself a hot beverage and pull up a comfy chair. Today I want to share some of my favourite laundry tips and tricks!

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Laundry tips & tricks

It’s taken me years to figure this out and what works for one person may not work for another. However, these laundry tips have saved me from spending entire days on laundry.

Purge your closets

The best tip to keep you from being overrun with laundry is to minimize what’s in your closets and drawers. Determine what you need and box up the rest. It’s also helpful to ensure that the clothing in your closets are in season.

I don’t know about you, but I have a child who will do 4-5 clothing changes a day. By cutting back on her choices, she has less opportunities to take everything out.

Are your laundry hampers overflowing? Are you clueless as to what's clean and what's dirty? Check out these laundry tips and tricks! Slay the laundry beast, starting today!

Wear things more than once

Unless it’s stinky or is noticeably dirty, try to wear clothing items more than once. Socks and underwear should be changed daily but a shirt or a pair of jeans can usually be worn at least twice.

Make laundry baskets available

Every bedroom should have a laundry basket. If there’s room for it, your full-sized bathrooms should have laundry baskets too.

Another tip… make your laundry baskets accessible.

I used to get so frustrated with my hubby because he would leave piles of clothing beside the laundry hamper. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just lift the lid and put his clothes in. One day I asked him and he said that I usually have my blow dryer or a hair straightening iron on the top of the hamper. It was too much of a fuss to move everything to put his clothes in, so he would drop them on the floor by the hamper.


He was right. I often did this. When I changed my habits, so did he.

Also, consider removing lids from the laundry hampers too. Lifting a lid may be a deterrent from the clothes actually getting into the hamper.

Another suggestion is to place a small bucket or basket for dirty dish towels under your kitchen sink. We change our dish towels at least once a day, having a basket handy makes collection of the towels a lot easier.

Do laundry daily

I know it may sound like a lot but make a plan to do your laundry daily. Assign a laundry hamper / room per day. If you have a large family you may have to assign two hampers per day.

Enlist helpers

Get your family involved in the task of doing laundry.

Children can:

  • regularly place clothing in their hampers
  • help fold and put away their clothes
  • if old enough, they can learn how to operate the washing machine and dryer

Have a place for those single socks

Those socks are missing their “sole mates” (lol – I know, I’ve got a cheesy sense of humour). Most likely they’ll turn up, but you need a place for the singletons in the meantime.

I fold all of the laundry in my bedroom, so I have a small bag in my closet which contains the socks without matches. If a sock is missing a match, the bag is consulted!

Abide by the #1 rule of laundry

This rule revolutionized the way I handle the laundry in my house. It takes a bit of practice, but it made a huge impact.

The #1 rule of laundry is you may only start a load of laundry if the previous load has been seen through from beginning to end. This means that when you switch your clothes from washer to dryer, you DON’T add a new load to the washing machine! You must wait until the load in the dryer is done and folded.

Have you ever had a really busy day and just as you’re putting your head down on your pillow to go to sleep, you realize that you forgot about a load of clothes in the washing machine? Or worse yet, in the morning you discover that a wet load has been sitting in your washing machine overnight? Ewww. The #1 rule will help you avoid situations like these because you’re committing to seeing one load through from beginning to end before starting a new load.

This rule also helps you avoid getting into the habit of piling mountains of clean clothes around the house and saves you from wondering what’s clean and what’s dirty.

It’s your turn!

Now it’s your turn. What laundry tips and tricks have you used? Take a moment to comment below and then share this post to help others slay the laundry beast!



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