Top Social Media Plugins for WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my top WordPress plugins that help with blog functioning. This week I thought I would share my top social media plugins.

*Note this post contains affiliate links. Clicking these links and making a purchase simply means my family gets a small commission. Our full disclosure policy can be found HERE. Thank you for your support.**


I recently discovered CoSchedule and it has blown my blogging mind! CoSchedule is THE plugin all WordPress users should have. Now it does come at a cost ($10 per month or $100/year BUT the price tag is totally worth it). Not only does this plugin help with organizing my blogging time and scheduling posts, but it has made my social media engagement so much easier. This powerful plugin has saved me LOADS of time.

What I do is write my post and then I immediately schedule all my related social media shares within the plugin! This has been especially beneficial with my weekly SHINE Blog Hop. All of the featured posts get shared and tweeted through Coschedule. It is absolutely amazing and I can’t possibly imagine how I did my blogging life without it!

Social media is how we get our blogs seen on the internet. There are some great social media out there but here is a list of my top social media plugins for your blog.


I love this plugin. It enables that cute little sharing feature at the bottom of my posts, as well as related content. I’ve tried a number of other widgets but Shareaholic is my favourite due to how it can be customized. Just look at how cute this sharing plugin is:

Shareaholic plugin - screenshot of sharing buttons. #blogging

Click To Tweet

My Twitter following, shares, and re-tweets have gone up enormously since I installed the Click To Tweet plugin by CoSchedule on my blog. I’m not exaggerating here… shares of my content, on Twitter alone, have gone up over 600%! This FREE plugin is a must have for every WordPress blog.


Even though I get a lot out of my other plugins, AddThis does some pretty special stuff. The pop-up in the bottom right hand corner which recommends content is due to my AddThis plugin. Also, after someone shares my content, the AddThis “layers” feature makes further recommendations for content the reader may like. AddThis also runs the “welcome bar” on my site. So many great things from AddThis… and they’re all FREE!

Social media is how we get our blogs seen on the internet. There are some great social media out there but here is a list of my top social media plugins for your blog.

 Simple Social Icons

This little plugin helps you to easily make basic social icons on your site. You can adjust the colour, the shape, and the size. It can also be installed in multiple locations on your blog. I have mine under my blog title and then once again in my blog’s footer.

CommentLuv Premium

There is a free version of CommentLuv available but I made the one-time purchase and bought CommentLuv premium. The reason being, I wanted access to the additional features such as:

  • Replyme – when you leave a comment on my blog, you will receive an e-mail every time someone directly responds to your comment. This keeps the dialogue open and flowing. We’ve had some great conversations on here because of this awesome little plugin.
  • G.A.S.P. – this is the little check box that you tick to confirm you are not a spammer. This keeps the spam at bay. Yay!
  • Twitterlink – it allows commenters to leave their Twitter handle so that other readers can follow them.

The main reason I love CommentLuv, is it allows you the opportunity to showcase your last blog post. This helps get my readers interested in one another’s content.

Do you have any favourite plugins that help you connect and interact with social media? If so, I would love to hear about them!


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      CommentLuv Premium is well worth it – so many awesome features.

      However, if you’re going to spring for just one paid product I would recommend CoSchedule. It has streamlined blogging for me. I can schedule my posts, set up task reminders (which are emailed to me), and do ALL my social media shares through CoSchedule. After using it for a couple days, I was sold… and there’s no way I could return to the way I was managing things before. It’s amazing!
      Jennifer recently shared this amazing post…Top Social Media Plugins for WordPressMy Profile

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    Thank you for this awesome list! I’ve love the Click to Tweet feature I’ve seen on blogs, but I assumed it was part of the paid CoScheduler plan. So happy to learn it’s a free plugin. Looking forward to checking out some of the other ones as well!
    Farrah recently shared this amazing post…The Promise of a PencilMy Profile

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    Hi Jennifer, I had wondered about the popup box in the corner of your blog. I like it because it’s quite discreet, so I’ll be checking that out for sure. And I already have Simple Social Icons installed on my blog, but had no idea that I could change the colour of them, so will be having a fiddle with those too.

    Thank you for sharing what you know.
    Debbie recently shared this amazing post…My Word Of The Week Is…Heatwave…My Profile

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    I’m happy to see CommentLuv in here. I love it, it’s such a nifty plugin. I’ve never heard of CoSchedule before, but it looks great, so I think I’ll give it a try. +1 on simple Social Icons, as well. I love how flexible and functional it is. Thanks for this great list!

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    Changing Shareaholic, now they decide to have affiliates links on sharing plug in and even though I didn’t enroll to the feature. I stumble with your post my friend searching for other plugins for my site


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      I’m delighted you got it Monica! It’s really worth the expense. Co-Schedule keeps me and my blog so organized! Did you see that if you write a review you get 50% off your annual subscription? I also tweet and share my referral link on occasion because every person who subscribes gives you 10% off permanently from your subscription… so if 10 people sign up under your referral code, your subscription is completely FREE!

      I love it when people find things that help their blogs and excite them. So thrilled for you! Be prepared to fall completely in love with it!

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