How to Help Those in Need During Back-to-School Season

The stores are packed with school supplies and the excitement is in the air. Back-to-school season is here! While some families may be singing "It's the most wonderful time of ...
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It may be the hottest trend to let your body hair grow, but here are 5 good reasons to hold tightly onto your razor!

I Will Shave My Pits, Legs, and Nethers

**Originally published on In the Powder Room. Reprinted with permission.** As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I am inundated with images of women proudly touting their long, under-hair locks, ...
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We all make mistakes but did you know that admitting mistakes can make you a better mom?! You don't want to miss this post!

How Admitting Mistakes Can Make You a Better Mom

I don't even know how to begin to introduce Ruthie Gray from Rear. Release. Regroup. Not only is she a dear blogging friend but her most recent book has blessed ...
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Are you a night owl? Are your nights a blur and the chaos runs into the next day? That can change! Do these six things tonight for a better tomorrow!

Do These Six Things Tonight for a Better Tomorrow

What would you say if I told you that a good day actually starts with your evening routine the night before?! It's true! The success of your tomorrow, is impacted by what ...
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We love our children but have you ever thought of how you express love to your children? Check out these seven ways to let your kids know you love them!

7 Deliberate Ways to Express Your Love to Your Children

We love our children. We assume our children know they are loved. Do you ever wonder though, if that message of love gets lost in the daily routines, chores, and ...
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At the end of the day are you burdened, exhausted, and overwhelmed? Do you need to rejuvenate? Here's how to plan the perfect mom retreat in 5 easy steps!

How to Plan the Perfect Mom Retreat in 5 Easy Steps!

At the end of the day when your head hits the pillow, are you burdened, exhausted, and overwhelmed? You're not alone. My tear-stained pillow is evidence of the long days ...
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Your child is sick. It's the middle of the night. You're fumbling in the darkness. Make scenarios like these much simpler to handle by creating a DIY emergency sick bag kit!

How to Assemble an Emergency Care Bag Kit

Groggy, I roll over and notice my husband stumbling out of bed. Someone is crying. I follow him, fumbling through the darkness to my youngest daughter's room. She's sick. The ...
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An Original Gift Idea for a Child: Make a Birthday Box!

We have a special tradition around here. For our girls' birthdays we make a homemade gift. We've had some wonderful gift ideas but this recent one is my new favourite! ...
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I wonder what I've done with my days. In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

Trying, Creating, and Life… Currently

It's July?! Already?! I'm stunned at how quickly this year is going by. I thought I would give a little update as to what's been going on... currently. Lake days ...
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Did you write a birth plan? Here's what one mom wished she wrote in her hospital birth plan.

What I Wish I Had Written in My Birth Plan

The other day I was cleaning. *Insert: Oh help us... she was cleaning.* Of course, whenever this anomaly occurs, I discover some horrifying piece of memorabilia that I wish would ...
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The Real Problem With Parents Nowadays

The Real Problem With Parents Nowadays

I'm a parent. I have issues. I have hang-ups. I struggle in this role I'm in. I don't think anyone ever said parenting would be easy. In fact, I think I ...
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I loved him so much and then he became the father of my children. My love for him multiplied. This is a letter to my husband on Father's Day.

A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

I caught a glimpse of our future in your eyes. As two friends huddled close under a tree in the pouring rain, I wondered if you were the one. I ...
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I must make this! Do you remember Cuban Lunch from the 80's? Check out this fabulous copycat Cuban Lunch knock off recipe! Easy to make and delicious!

Do You Remember? The BEST Chocolate Bar… Cuban Lunch!

My husband and I have a game we like to play... it's called: Reminiscing about the Good Old Days. We jog each others' memories about things we recall from our ...
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With all the articles and how to posts about blogging, do you want the truth about blogging? Here's my candid and honest outlook about this industry/hobby.

The Most Candid and Honest Outlook on Blogging You May Ever Read

I couldn't bear the weight any more. Feeling defeated, burdened, and overwhelmed, I walked away from my blog. What started as a break, felt like it would turn into "for ...
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I'm confused. I need direction. My effort has been repaid with unmet expectations and huge disappointments.

Direction… Lost, Wandering, Changing, Stopping.

I've been blogging since June of 2010. I've put almost 6 years into writing, sharing, and connecting. It's been only in the past 2 years that I've been trying to ...
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