Can Older Children Enjoy Dolls Too?

My almost nine-year-old asked for a Maplelea Doll for Christmas, but can older children enjoy dolls too? Here's my answer (and honest review of Maplelea). **Disclosure: I received samples of ...
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Getting in the Christmas Spirit with These Fun Items!

I smell Christmas. It's in the air! It's my most favourite time of year! This is the season of memories and memory-making. From baking, to craft-making, to parties, and food ...
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Are you goal setting? Are you making New Year Resolutions for next year? Here are some tips on how to set and CRUSH your goals! Don't just dream it - do it!

How to Crush Your Goals Next Year

I remember I once set a goal that I would make a million dollars before I was twenty. Yes, I was ten-years-old when I made that goal (and perhaps I ...
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Learning, Planning, and Loving… Currently

You wouldn't believe what's going on in my corner of the world right now. So many good things! I'm so excited to chat with you! You wouldn't believe what's going ...
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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas (from Amazon)!

I don't know about you, but I get so caught up in prepping for Christmas that I'll sometimes forget about the stocking stuffers! Usually 3-4 days before Christmas, I'm scrambling ...
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Mommy Bootcamp… One Month to Better Behaviour

About a month ago, I decided it was time to hit the reset button for me and my children. This is never easy because unfortunately, I often need to bottom-out ...
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Do you want to host a successful blog hop? Not sure where to start? Do you need some blog hop tips? Here are some suggestions to run the best blog hop ever!

The Secret to Creating a Successful Blog Hop

So you want to create a blog hop?! For a couple years, I ran the SHINE Blog Hop. We recently retired the hop, but I'm going to be bold in ...
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A time change with kids can be torture. Whether you're springing forward or falling back, here are some tips to survive daylight saving time with kids.

How to Survive Daylight Saving Time (With Kids)

Daylight Saving Time. Twice a year we have to change our clocks and while the adjustment may throw us adults off... it can be torture for families with children. Take ...
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How to Get the Best Blogging Advice!

*Links to merchants in this post most likely use an affiliate link, which means that if you buy something through the link, I may get a commission. See disclosure policy.* ...
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Thankful, Living in Community, and Life… Currently

Hi friend! I'm so happy you're here. I thought I would take some time to share what's been happening in our little corner of the world. I invite you to ...
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Healthy Snack Hacks for the Busy Mom

You're busy. I hear you! Whether you stay-at-home, work-at-home, or you're a full or part-time working mom... you've got lots to do and little time to do it all! Sometimes ...
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How to Effectively Slay the Laundry Beast

Do you love to do laundry? Or do you look at clothes hampers and laundry machines with contempt? If you need some help in the laundry department, then you may ...
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Are you a fearful Christian? Do you get anxious, worried, and fearful before you go to God? If so, this post is for you! Get sound advice to overcome that fear!

The Best Advice for the Fearful Christian

You read the news and you're scared. Someone you love is facing a health crisis and you're scared. You're facing challenges in a personal relationship and you're scared. Are you ...
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With all the parenting tips, parenting advice, and opinions on how to parent right, there is one very UNEXPECTED parenting lesson that every parent will learn and discover. Do you know what it is?!

The Most Unexpected Parenting Lesson Ever

I'm certain every parent has experienced it... that moment when you pull away from the hospital in your car. You look at your newborn babe who's safely buckled in their ...
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I wonder what I've done with my days. In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

The Lump, a Fall Bucket List, and Life… Currently

Happy September friends! Now how did that even happen?! I thought it was time for a life update. This summer has been full of all sorts of things... so this ...
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