5 Things Moms Need to Do More Often

You look at the calendar and sigh. Another busy week lies ahead of you and you wonder when things will ever slow down. Within a minute your kids are fighting ...
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Moms Need PD Days, Too!

Are you tired, frazzled, and overwhelmed? Do you wish your kids would stop fighting all the time? Do you wonder if it will ever take you less than an hour ...
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It’s a Great Pumpkin Curriculum

Pumpkins! In the fall you can find them everywhere and in everything! From Pumpkin Pie to Jack O Lanterns, pumpkins are in abundance! So why not study them? Here is ...
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5 Tips to Get Your Children Cleaning the House

Have you ever looked around at your house and wondered what happened to it? Didn't you just clean the house yesterday? From mountains of laundry, to piles of unwashed dishes, ...
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The 10 Items You Should Have in Your Cleaning Arsenal

It's time to do some house cleaning and you put on your rubber gloves. As you begin your chores you make trips back and forth to the cupboard where you ...
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Our Favourite Picture Books for October

The leaves are changing colours and falling to the ground. The geese are flying south. The days are getting shorter and cooler. Yes, fall is here. As I pull out ...
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What to Do When Your Homeschool Plans Get Ruined

I can't help but feel giddy as I look at the week I have planned before me. I love homeschool planning. It's an obvious passion... after all, I did design ...
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How to Create a Complete Nature Study About Trees

Fall is the perfect time to study trees. With the final harvest of apples, to the leaves turning colour, trees are a magnificent nature study. Here are some activities, books, ...
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How to Conquer the Tedious Tasks on Your To-Do List

The blue shorts sat on my dresser, almost mocking me. They've been there since the button popped off on them at the end of May. Beside my laundry basket was ...
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These no bake, 3 ingredient energy balls are delicious and nutritious! Eat these when you're craving sugary sweet snacks and your cravings will be satisfied. Perfect for the sugar-free diet!

No Bake 3 Ingredient Energy Balls

When I got the call from the doctor's office, my anxiety spiked. They wanted me to come in to discuss my blood work. Of course, the earliest I could get ...
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The Best Homeschool Organization Tools

Do you get overwhelmed by all of your homeschool materials? Perhaps you find yourself wasting time looking for supplies and books? Do you look around your homeschool and wish it was ...
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A Bedtime Routine Gone Wrong (and How I Fixed It)

After closing the door to my bedroom, I flopped on the bed. Tears immediately sprung from my eyes. It was another rough bedtime. I don't know when we fell into ...
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Our Favourite Picture Books for September

When I worked in early childhood classrooms, one of my favourite tasks was finding new books for the children to enjoy. I love children's picture books. Over the years, my ...
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Trading My Bucket in for a Basket

With the summer coming to a close I'm already seeing my social feed filling up with fall bucket lists. As a lover of all things fall, I admit that I'm ...
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The Ultimate Back to Homeschool Guide

It's that time of year! Flyers, commercials, and stores are a constant reminder that it's almost back-to-school time! What about you? Are you headed back to homeschool? Does the idea ...
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