Our Favourite Picture Books for March

I don't know about you, but I've had my fill of winter. Perhaps that's why I've decided to dig into some spring-themed books this month. Yes, I'm hoping that by ...
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The Parenting Fail That Made Me a Better Mom

My parenting fail was epic. I frightened my child. It hurts to type those words. I'm going to reveal something deeply personal here. I'm almost scared to share this ...
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Morning Time Curriculum: A Basket of Inspiration

Our morning time curriculum is a key part of our homeschool journey. In fact, it was a couple years ago that my uninspired and chaotic homeschool was transformed into a ...
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15 Positive Parenting Affirmations for Moms

Do you have any positive parenting affirmations?! Do you wonder why you would need them? Well, are you familiar with those days when the floors are sticky, the kids are ...
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The Tremendous Benefits of a 4-Day Homeschool Week

Have you ever considered a 4-day homeschool week? Over the past few years, I've experimented with a number of homeschool schedules. After some trial and error, I have completely embraced ...
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Family Meetings “How To”: Who, What, When, and Why!

Do you have regular family meetings? On Instagram, for the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing stories entitled, Take a Peek Tuesday. On these days, I post a series of pictures ...
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Our Favourite Picture Books for February

We love to read that's why I'm sharing my monthly picture books list! The February picture books list has mostly books about friendship, love, kindness, and of course, Valentine's Day! ...
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How to Use Technology to Connect With Children (Yes, This Is for Real)!

Since you're reading this I'm 100% certain you use technology regularly. But is technology something you let your children use? As I scroll through news feeds, I have great compassion ...
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Fabulous Children’s Picture Books That Include Recipes

It's no secret that I love children's picture books. I started buying children's books back in 1992 (when I first started my career as a child care professional). Over the ...
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The Most Exhausting Part of Motherhood (and How to Overcome It)!

I tightly gripped the steering wheel. We were stuck in traffic and my girls' cocurricular class with our homeschool association was starting in less than 10 minutes. My mind reeled ...
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How to Create a Dynamic Writing Program for Your Homeschooler

It's no secret that I love writing. When I was in school, language arts was one of my favourite subjects. Teaching language arts can be overwhelming. After all, there are ...
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Creative Ways to Date Your Husband After the Kids are in Bed

Date nights are an essential component of a happy marriage. They allow spouses the opportunity to connect and communicate with one another outside of the normal (often busy) routine. Every ...
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What the Organized Homeschooler Does Best

You're nearing the end of the year and you realize that you're behind on all of your curriculum. As you count the lessons and compare them to the number of ...
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The Unexpected Revelation About Simple Living

Simplicity. It seemed like a good word to choose for 2017. After all, my life had become overrun with busyness, clutter, and commotion. As I committed to this one word ...
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Our Favourite Picture Books for January

Winter is all around us. The ground is white. The air is crisp. Yes, winter is here. As I gather our snow pants, mittens, and toques, I'm also rounding up ...
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