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Yesterday we went to my parent’s lake lot. Everyone was busy working on a project so I thought it was the opportune time to take a photo of us girls. It’s been ages since I got a photo of my daughters and I together. I was excited. Wouldn’t it be sweet? I already started making plans for the “perfect photo”. I could change my Twitter avatar… maybe use it as my {this moment} picture for the week… and I could make copies for the Grandmas!

Enter reality-check. A busy 1-year-old and a silly 4 1/2-year-old makes for a long photo session and multiple retakes. Here’s the photos from our session.

Stop while you’re ahead. Yup. That’s what I should have done. Aside from the poor perspective, (and the odd look on my oldest daughter’s face) this was the “best” picture of the three of us.

“Hey Baby! Look at the camera!”
“Hello… girls… we’re trying to take a photo here! 
Yes Baby… that’s your sister’s chin.”

“Okay, let’s say cheese (and take a picture right at that moment).”
“Hey, Baby… get your fingers out of your mouth!”
“Hey, Baby… get your fingers out of MY mouth!” 
(Speaking of mouths… just what is my oldest daughter doing?!)
Well, I guess this will have to do. We love each other and we’re having fun. Yup, this is what happens when us girls try to take a picture together.


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Jennifer Bly
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