What’s That Word?

I’m certain we’re all familiar with word verification codes (also known as CAPTCHA)… the random grouping of letters that come up when you fill out a form or leave a comment on someone’s blog? I find them rather annoying yet somewhat entertaining. Today I was thinking that even though they’re nonsense, it’s so much fun to make up fictitious definitions for these odd bits of text.

Here’s a few that I came up with:

Glinged   past tense of gling
1. To wear glamorous bling: She was glinged out for the party.
2. Stuck, wetly: The bug guts glinged to the windshield.

1. A Greek philosopher who lived from 626 – 532 bc. Not to be confused with Plato.
2. A patio with pleated detailing.

Sulted past tense of sult
1. Slang for insulted: She was sulted that he didn’t leave her a tip.
2. Seasoned with sult: He likes sulted ice cream but sult is rare in Texas.

1. Alternative plural form for cataracts: He is going for surgery on both cateri.   
2. A small shop where cats are purchased. We got him as a kitten from a little cateri in Venice.

Have you ever played the word verification game? I wish I could use some of these words in my next Scrabble match with my mom. Have I got a word for you!

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Jennifer Bly
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Jennifer Bly
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Jennifer Bly


  1. says

    Here’s a fun captcha fact for you – did you know that sometimes when you are answering a captcha you are helping Google digitize text from old New York Times issues? When they scan old text via optical character recognition (OCR) sometimes the computer can’t recognize the word, so they put the images into captchas and humans sort it out! Cool hey? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReCAPTCHA

  2. says

    Working in a cell phone store and activating droids, I see those words all day long. I like to try to sound them out into a word. Never tried the word verifacation game before. Now when I go back to work I am going to have to try it lol.

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