Did you write a birth plan? Here's what one mom wished she wrote in her hospital birth plan.

What I Wish I Had Written in My Birth Plan

The other day I was cleaning. *Insert: Oh help us... she was cleaning.* Of course, whenever this anomaly occurs, I discover some horrifying piece of memorabilia that I wish would ...
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The Real Problem With Parents Nowadays

The Real Problem With Parents Nowadays

I'm a parent. I have issues. I have hang-ups. I struggle in this role I'm in. I don't think anyone ever said parenting would be easy. In fact, I think I ...
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I loved him so much and then he became the father of my children. My love for him multiplied. This is a letter to my husband on Father's Day.

A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

I caught a glimpse of our future in your eyes. As two friends huddled close under a tree in the pouring rain, I wondered if you were the one. I ...
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I must make this! Do you remember Cuban Lunch from the 80's? Check out this fabulous copycat Cuban Lunch knock off recipe! Easy to make and delicious!

Do You Remember? The BEST Chocolate Bar… Cuban Lunch!

My husband and I have a game we like to play... it's called: Reminiscing about the Good Old Days. We jog each others' memories about things we recall from our ...
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With all the articles and how to posts about blogging, do you want the truth about blogging? Here's my candid and honest outlook about this industry/hobby.

The Most Candid and Honest Outlook on Blogging You May Ever Read

I couldn't bear the weight any more. Feeling defeated, burdened, and overwhelmed, I walked away from my blog. What started as a break, felt like it would turn into "for ...
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I'm confused. I need direction. My effort has been repaid with unmet expectations and huge disappointments.

Direction… Lost, Wandering, Changing, Stopping.

I've been blogging since June of 2010. I've put almost 6 years into writing, sharing, and connecting. It's been only in the past 2 years that I've been trying to ...
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Get organized once and for all!

The Secret to Getting Organized! It is Possible!

I'm going to share something with you... something you might find a little surprising. I'm NOT naturally organized. Don't believe me? This picture (taken at 11 am) tells you how ...
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Homemaking can be stressful! There's so much to do and not enough time! You can be a homemaking ROCKSTAR! Check out these homemaking tips and tricks today!

Want to Be a Homemaking Rockstar? Try This!

Do you often feel stressed, overworked, exhausted and in need of help? You're cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing chores... and the list goes on and on! Do you feel like your ...
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Are you a mom who's tired, weary, and stretched thin? Why not take a few moments to yourself and check out this bucket list for moms!

The Super, Fantastic, Ultimate Bucket List for Moms!

Imagine if you could make a mom bucket list. What would you include? I think I have some of the items on my list figured out, and I thought I would ...
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Have you had parenting mess ups? Did you yell, break a promise or disappoint your child? Here are some tips for when you're disappointed in your parenting.

What to Do When You’re Disappointed in Your Parenting

For the past year, my parenting strategies have been especially challenged. This is one of the main reasons why I launched the Parenting Resolution Series... because I wanted to do ...
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I once made two poor choices that ended up putting my child at risk. When our parenting choices are life-threatening, parenting is especially challenging. Come read about these screw-ups that almost cost my daughter her life... twice.

I Screwed Up and It Almost Cost My Daughter Her Life

Have you ever messed up and later reflected on the situation and just felt grieved by it? This past weekend I had two MAJOR screw ups and both situations were ...
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I want my children to trust me and know that they can depend on me. What I do now will impact our relationship later in life.

How to Let Your Children Know They Can Depend on You #parentingresolution

Don't laugh at me, but sometimes I imagine what my relationship will be like with my daughters when they're older. What will they be like when they're 12, 16, 18, 26? ...
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Time-management is one of the greatest obstacles for bloggers. There's so much vying for our attention, how do we manage it all?! Here are some key life management tips so that you can get more blogging done.

How to Manage Your Life So You Can Get More Blogging Done!

Time-management is one of the greatest obstacles for bloggers, especially when they're trying to draw an income from their websites. There's so much vying for our attention, how do we ...
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I do everything I can to protect my children's childhood. I've been criticized for being an overprotective parent but I don't think it's a such bad thing.

Why I Think Being an Overprotective Parent Isn’t a Bad Thing

I have an anxiety disorder and have battled post-traumatic stress disorder. News like the Paris attacks, the explosions in Brussels, and terrorism rippling through the world, distresses me perhaps more ...
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Flying, Fear, and a Beautiful Wedding… Currently

Life has been hectic lately. New experiences, adventures, and seasons. So today I want to pause and reflect on what's happening... currently. A trip. In January, I found out my ...
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