In 2004 my husband and I embarked on a project. We gathered 100 postcards, numbered them, addressed them (with the PO Box we had rented) and delivered the postcards everywhere we went. We stamped the postcards and left them with a loonie, a pen and a note encouraging the recipient to write a positive thought, a favourite quote, or whatever they wanted. The instructions also prompted the recipient to mail back the postcard as soon as possible. We were curious as to what messages people would share if they were given the chance to have their voice heard… anonymously. Life got busy and we never followed through with the documentary which we had envisioned as the end product of this project.

The other day I was cleaning the basement and I found the postcards. I felt some remorse over the fact that so many people took the time to respond to our request, yet we never followed through with completing the project.

Some of the messages were sad and a couple were ridiculous. However, the majority of the messages were uplifting and inspiring. Here are the links to the postcards which we received.


Postcard 1
Postcard 4
Postcard 5
Postcard 8
Postcard 10
Postcard 12
Postcard 16
Postcard 18
Postcard 19
Postcard 20
Postcard 23
Postcard 24
Postcard 25
Postcard 29
Postcard 35
Postcard 36
Postcard 39
Postcard 40
Postcard 53
Postcard 56
Postcard 57
Postcard 59
Postcard 68
Postcard 73
Postcard 86
Postcard 91
Postcard 96
Postcard 100