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Welcome to the second day of my blog pause. This is a wonderful idea I gleaned from my dear friend Robin, over at Robin Kramer Writes.

The idea of this is I share three posts… you can read all three or choose one or two that appeal the most to you.

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 Blog pause

Using a Picture Schedule With Children {Tips}

Most families have routines or schedules they follow. Sometimes these routines can be a little overwhelming, especially when directing several children, of varying ages, at the same time.

In child care we often utilized picture cues with the children. The visual schedule helped each child know what to do and in what order. It’s also a fabulous tool for children who are forgetful or get easily distracted.

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The Tale of Two Bagels {Parenting}

“Mom, look at these bagels. Don’t they look sooooo good?”

My six-year-old daughter stood in front of the bulk baking bins and was looking longingly at the cinnamon raisin bagels.

“Can we get them? Pleeeeease?”

“No. Not today,” I responded.

I sized up the price of the bread and finally chose a few loaves. When I turned around I saw my daughter, standing in front of the bulk bins, with a bagel in each pink gloved hand.

“I decided we should get these,” she said….

The rest of this post can be read HERE


Choose Love {inspiration and faith}

Blog Pause Day 2 - Choose Love

Usually when I sit down in front of my computer, the words that I can’t speak, flow with ease out of my fingertips but I’m at a loss to describe this feeling, this urgency… to let others know that they are loved.

The thing is, I don’t want to just tell them, I want to show them.

I am desperate to show my love. I feel like I’m a balloon being blown up and the pressure inside of me is so intense, so strong, I’m afraid of bursting. This love needs to find its way out. It needs to travel across oceans, it needs to embrace the hurt, it needs to cross economic barriers, and fall upon those who need it. This indescribable love….

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Thank you for reading another installation of my Blog Pause.




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