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For the past couple of years I have been looking for a personalized name plaque for my daughter’s bedroom. However, nothing quite fit with her room decor. I wanted something cute, original and big enough to fill a large empty wall in her bedroom. I decided that the only way I could get what I wanted was to make one of my own.

The inspiration came from the cutest set of flashcards that I bought at Anthropologie. The artist, Lisa DeJohn, has the sweetest illustrations. As soon as I saw these flashcards, I envisioned my daughter’s name spelled out on the wall in her room.

The sweetest illustrations ever!

Here’s what I did….

I chose the space.
This was pretty easy as there is one large empty wall in my daughter’s room. We recently moved the furniture around, so the bookshelf and bed that used to be along this wall is no longer there.

A large, empty wall… waiting for beautification.

I mounted the flashcards on card stock.
On their own, the flashcards would get lost on the wall, so I mounted them on a dark brown card stock.

The brown card stock enhances the cards but also goes well with the green walls.

I hung the flash cards on the wall.
Overall, this personalization “feature” is very rustic in appearance. The illustrations and the colours give a very strong “country” appearance. I decided to go with the “country theme” and I strung a jute twine clothes line in my daughter’s room. The letters were hung with old-fashioned, wooden clothespins.

I love the look of the jute twine and the cards!

Simple and original.

My daughter was so thrilled when she saw this! In fact she said, “Oh…… that’s pretty fancy today Mommy!” I thought it was pretty fancy (in a simple way) too!

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