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Pregnancy and babies… so much to learn, so much to explore. Here is an assortment of articles that have graced the pages of The Deliberate Mom. Find everything from tips for baby care, pregnancy “survival”, and there are even a few things for the dads out there!

Prenatal Yoga Is Deepening My Yoga Practice

I have been taking yoga classes since I was pregnant with my first child. Over the past four years I have been practicing yoga off and on. This beautiful, fluid form of exercise which ends with a ten to fifteen ...
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We talk about so many things during pregnancy but what about depression? I never knew antepartum depression existed. Everyone talks about postpartum depression but not depression during pregnancy. This is my experience with antepartum depression.

Antepartum Depression: Stopping The Tears

I'm not going to delay or postpone this any further. It's time for me to be open. For the past few weeks I have been slipping into a deep antepartum depression. It's hard to believe that for eight months my ...
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Cloth diapers 101. Everything you need to know about cloth diapers including many cloth diapering tips.

Cloth Diapering Made Easy

** This post MAY contain affiliate links. Clicking any of these links and making a purchase provides a small commission to me and my family** Before my daughter was born, my husband and I made the decision that we would ...
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Are you pregnant and sick with a cold? It may seem there is little you can do to get some relief but this post may hold the key to healthier days ahead!

Pregnant and Sick? Time To Get Some Relief!

It happened. Four months pregnant and I caught the king of all colds. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was the picture of perfect health. Not only was it an easy pregnancy but I was able to completely ...
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How to Make Homemade Baby Food

Shortly before it was time to start my little girl on solid foods, I made the decision to make her homemade baby food. There were several factors which influenced my decision. The first was that there had been a recent recall ...
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Your wife is pregnant, now what? Not sure what to do for her to help her through her pregnancy? Here are some fabulous tips on what husbands can do for their pregnant wives.

What Husbands Can Do For Their Pregnant Wives

Being pregnant isn't easy. There are many emotions, frustrations, pains and complexities involved in carrying a child for nine months. Men must know this! However, I have heard a number of pregnant women gripe about how their husband's idea of ...
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Are you budget conscious but you still want to get cute items for your kids? Check out this list of the BEST online bargain shopping websites for mamas! Save money, buy original items, and get cute baby shower gift ideas as well!

The BEST Online Bargain Shopping Websites for Mamas

Shortly after I gave birth to my little girl, I was exposed to the wonderful, highly addictive world of online bargain shopping. I have found some incredible buys through some fantastic sites, so this blog posting serves as a list ...
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The Pregnant Neurotic

I confess. I'm usually slightly neurotic. Now that I'm pregnant, I fear the worse has happened... I am highly neurotic!I feel like I could write a whole novel about all the crazed moments I've had throughout this pregnancy so far ...
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Prenatal Nutrition

According to Health Canada (2008) "It is... important to start taking vitamin supplements with Folic Acid before you get pregnant to reduce the risk of neural tube defect" (paragraph 1). However, prenatal vitamins don't agree with my stomach. I found ...
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Homemade Baby Wipes

After my little girl was born, the world, as I saw it, changed. Everything appeared more fragile. My concern for the well-being of our planet deepened and I made a greater commitment to protecting and preserving our world. One of ...
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One Hundred and Fifty-Five

A few months ago, I shared that my husband and I were trying to conceive a second child. It was with great difficulty and a sense of defeat that I wrote about our struggles with fertility. It has been my heart's ...
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It's been a couple days since I opened my heart and wrote the posting, The Day My Paper Shredder Made Me Cry . Within a couple hours of disclosing my innermost, rawest, feelings, my e-mail box was flooded with messages of support, encouragement and advice. There ...
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The Day My Paper Shredder Made Me Cry

Today I was shredding some documents when the shredder got jammed. As I fought with the papers, I burst into tears. I crumpled to the ground and bawled my eyes out. It's not about the stupid shredder... I can no longer carry ...
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