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Pregnancy and babies… so much to learn, so much to explore. Here is an assortment of articles that have graced the pages of The Deliberate Mom. Find everything from tips for baby care, pregnancy “survival”, and there are even a few things for the dads out there!

With my second child, I decided to do a charitable fundraiser as a baby shower. We hosted a Shanti Uganda baby shower and it was a huge success!

My Shanti Uganda Baby Shower

This past Saturday was my baby shower. Since this is my second child, I didn't need a lot of things so I decided to utilize the opportunity to fund raise for a special charity... The Shanti Uganda Society. [Tweet "Come check ...
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Troubles with colic

When Colic Took Over My Life

We were told countless times but we didn't listen... "Your first baby was easy... wait until you have your second. It's never easy twice in a row." Thank you nay-sayers! I can now say you were unfortunately right. For the ...
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What Have We Done?

Our home. Peaceful, quiet, playful and full of gentle laughter. Then the bubble burst. Our home of three has changed to a home of four and it seems that with the blink of an eye, our family life has been ...
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The Birth Story of Hope

How can I begin to write this? I sit here, hormones raging, body riddled with pain, wondering how do I tell this story without losing control, without breaking down? I can't. However, I know this story needs to be told ...
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Tar and Feather Me! I Can’t Stop Nesting!

Okay, I am officially crazy. I can't stop nesting. It's become a bit of an obsession and I don't know how to stop! What have I done? Well... I've cleaned my house to the point of obsessiveness (I'm talking about ...
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I’m Done With Being Pregnant

It's not all roses and rainbows damn it! I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and I'm tired of the whole being pregnant thing. Yes, it's beautiful. Yes, it's a miracle. Yes, I should enjoy it while it lasts... blah, blah, blah ...
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My Embarrassing “Baby Brain” Moment

Oh my. I don't know if it's the baby sucking the nutrients out of my brain or the lack of sleep... but I am not functioning at 100% lately. My recent adventure involves a REALLY embarrassing moment.I went to the ...
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We Are NOT Naming Our Son Kermit!

 Now before anyone gets too excited, we don't know the gender of our babe-to-be (we like surprises). Hence there has been some intense discussions surrounding baby names. We have two girl names picked out and we will decide when we see ...
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Dr. Google Got Me Again

Okay, I'm walking a fine line here. Yesterday I ate a cold cut turkey sandwich. What was I thinking? Can I claim temporary insanity? Throughout my previous pregnancy and this one I have avoided all cold cuts. If I were presented with ...
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Two of my coworkers, myself and eight toddlers were on our daily walk. We usually take in the scenery, watch fire trucks and ambulances race by and if we're lucky we catch a glimpse of a jack rabbit. It happened ...
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Are you pregnant and wondering what are some top pregnancy must-have items?! Check out this list of pregnancy essentials you shouldn't be without!

Top Pregnancy Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Without

Pregnancy. It's not easy. There's so many things to look forward to and so many things that present themselves as challenges. Since I've been pregnant twice and I've come to love some things during my pregnancies. Some of these must-have ...
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8 More Weeks Until My Life Changes Forever (Again)

Today I realized that there's only eight more weeks until the newest member of our family comes into this world... and I'M FREAKING OUT! I'm not ready! That was then... Before my daughter was born, at the 32 week point ...
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Rocky Mountain Highs

As I returned to work today, the high of my four day vacation in Banff sustained me. I love my job but I love the proverbial bliss that comes with a vacation. Our trip to Banff was our last road ...
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The doctor put his finger in my belly button and discovered I had an Umbilical Hernia

The Doctor Put His Finger In Your WHAT?!

Not to worry, dear friends, I haven't taken a turn away from G-rated material but... you would never guess where the doctor put his finger today. Ready? Are you sitting down? Do you have a bowl or bag to puke ...
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Pregnancy Through The Eyes Of A Three-Year-Old

One of the most joyous parts of this pregnancy has been observing my daughter's processing of the events surrounding my pregnancy. What is going on for Mommy? Why is Mommy's body changing? What does it all mean?As I reflect on ...
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