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What’s Your Parenting Vision?

What's your parenting vision? Do you have one? Free printable resource to help you define your vision. #parenting http://thedeliberatemom.com/
It may seem like an odd question but do you have a parenting vision? There are so many things in life that we plan for such as our careers, our finances, and our health. Why not plan for how we wish to parent?

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Have you considered what kind of parent you want to be or are you barely getting through each day and constantly questioning your actions as a parent?

With a new year upon us, it’s a wonderful time to pause and ask ourselves…

What is my parenting vision?

If you’re not sure where to start, consider asking yourself these questions:

* What kind of parent do I wish to be?

* What do I consider success for myself?

* What do I consider success for my child?

* What values do I wish my child to have?

After you’ve done some preliminary thinking, consider these questions:

* What are my strengths?

* What are my weaknesses/limitations?

* What challenges me most?

* How can I get overcome these challenges?

Other considerations

Be specific as you consider these things. What you can do to get help or overcome any challenges you may face? Make sure you are listing specific examples. For instance, if you struggle with yelling at your children perhaps you can take a parenting class or commit to reading one book a month on this topic.

In addition, if you want your children to learn/display certain characteristics, consider what you can do to foster these. For instance, if you want your children to be compassionate to others perhaps you can do volunteer work with them; or you can assist neighbours and community members in need; or you could read books that teach compassion.

Set concrete and specific parenting goals and monitor your progress regularly. I encourage you to write everything down. I think best when I’m writing, so for me, documentation of my thoughts and goals is critical.

A printable parenting vision document

I’ve assembled these and a few other questions into a wonderful printable resource for you to use. This 7 page document has all the space you need to jot your thoughts and construct a concrete parenting vision statement.

Subscribers can access the download from the exclusive Deliberate Mom Printable Library. Not a subscriber yet? I invite you to become one using the form below!

Do you have a parenting vision? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool, creator of The Deliberate Mom, Deliberate Homeschooling and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Jennifer writes about parenting, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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75 thoughts on “What’s Your Parenting Vision?

  • Lisa @ The Golden Spoons

    I love this idea. A few years ago I actually wrote a post (my favorite ever) about 20 lessons I want to teach my daughters, but didn’t really look at how I was going to teach them (i.e. my strengths, weaknesses, etc.) Great suggestions here!

  • i>normaleverydaylife

    Great idea! Sometimes my vision is just to get through until bedtime. :) But…especially as a couple of my kids are almost grown, my vision includes adult independence and finding a way to make the most of the teaching moments in this phase. For all of my children, my vision includes a strong Christian faith.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Getting through until bedtime… I think a few of us can identify with that one, that’s for sure!

      I want my girls to have a strong Christian faith too. Between prayer, my relationship with God, and my parenting vision, I’m certain that they’ll have a relationship with Him too.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this Marie!

  • Renee

    My husband and I have always had a vision for our parenting which is what has made the decision to send our children to school so difficult for me. It was not in our vision or plan…but neither was having children with the variety of special needs we have. Now is a good time to rewrite our vision, one that flows with our family as it is now in 2015…now how we envisioned it back in 1995.

  • Debbie

    Hi Jennifer, having a parenting vision is so important as it gives direction.

    I had visions of what style of parenting I wanted to pursue and for the most part I am happy with how things have gone. I was never over keen on having children (sounds terrible, but true) as it was a commitment I wasn’t sure I could live up to…The responsibility overwhelmed me. But after getting married I didn’t want to deny my husband the chance of having children, so after thinking long and hard, I thought I can (and will have children)….And the vision in my head helped no end.

    Our daughter has turned into the young woman I envisioned. Studious caring, fair and not scared to stand by what she believes in. She won’t be led and won’t lead either….Always be true to yourself is something I strongly believe in. Don’t be scared to have your own beliefs and don’t be scared to be different…Just never intentionally hurt someone as we all have the right to be who we are.

    Our vision for our sons future has changed considerably over the years, because it has had to and in turn it has altered how we envision our future. There is so much he has to learn/ relearn, but for now I hold on tightly to the vision of him leading a relatively normal life. Maybe not this year, but one day….In the future.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I loved reading your comment Debbie. Do you find having a vision makes it easier for you to make parenting decisions. I know for me it does. I can look at a situation and think – what can I do here to make my vision “real” for my children and me? What response would gel most with my vision, etc.?

      Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and experience with having a parenting vision.

  • Echo

    This is a wonderful post and idea. I “somewhat” have a parenting vision plan. I know what I want for my children and I know that I will do anything to help them. I also know what kind of parent I don’t want to be. So maybe it is time to come up with a complete vision.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      It’s funny how we definitely know what kind of parent we DON’T want to be hey?! I encourage you to come up with a vision! It really helps you discern which “battles” are worth fighting for, which lessons most need emphasis, and how to respond when confronted with a parenting decision.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Echo. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Gingi

    What a great idea!! I have done something similar, regarding charting out our family values. However, a parenting vision statement seems like an equally vital investment… goals are far more easily attainable when you have a clear vision of what you want. And parenting is such an important job, if not THE most important job. Thanks for sharing such a valuable parenting tool! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  • Jaime Buckley

    Love it Jennifer.

    It’s a perfect compliment (and follow through) for a parents ‘why’, which is so needed.

    You’re absolutely right in that we plan for just about every aspect of our lives, why not really think about and envision what we want our parenting to be (both process and results)?

    Have had parenting on my mind to such an extent, I’m wondering if there’s a “I can do SO much better” parenting bug going around?

    …so looking forward to seeing where you’re going to take this blog in 2015.

    Yer Biggest Fan

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Thanks Jaime. Parenting has been a huge focus for me lately too… maybe you’re right, there’s a parenting bug in the air.

      2015– The Year of the Parent.

      I’m super excited about the direction this space is taking in 2015. More parenting, more homeschooling, with faith and a touch of blogging.

      Good stuff!

      Happy New Year Jaime.

  • Monica

    This is a wonderful time to look at my parenting vision. I have yet to sit down and truly think about myself as a parent and how I want to raise my children. I look forward to downloading your printable for reflection. I might just write about my parenting visions and weaknesses on my blog. (Of course, I’d link up to your post for all the inspiration.) I’d love to brainstorm these questions with my husband too. And see where we align and where we differ, so we can work together to create a solid parenting team. :)

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I would love to hear what you come up with. Please keep me in the loop.

      Writing a vision for parenting is so important.

      You’ll see in the instructions part of the download, I actually encourage your spouse to participate. Answer the questions separately, compare your answers, then craft your vision together.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I’m delighted that it inspired you to reflect on your parenting vision.

  • Amanda

    Yay! What a great way to be deliberate about parenting. I’m going to download the printable but I must’ve forgot to confirm my subscription before because I haven’t got any newsletters yet. I’ll wait for the next one to get the password.

  • Jen@JENerallyInformed

    This is great Jennifer!

    I have a focused and detailed parenting vision. It makes it so much easier to parent when you have one. Sometimes (almost always) I have to alter my approach per child per day as their needs and mine change. It’s a vision with an overall parenting style, but it’s always changing and that’s good for me. I hope that I am using my talents and theirs to help them be the kind of adults I see they can become. So far so good, not easy, but good :)

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I loved hearing about your perspective on this Jen. A vision can definitely shift. There can be circumstances that can alter it. My vision for both of my girls is similar but my parenting approaches are very different because they are so different.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Kristen

    Looks like we were on the same page today! I wholeheartedly think a parenting vision is so important, that I’ve placed it before my career and blog goals. I am still working those out. Great idea and I can’t wait to see the printable!

  • Tiffany-A Touch of Grace

    Totally forgot to subscribe to the newsletter yesterday. Doing it now. :)
    I really think having a vision for how you’ll parent is such an important piece of being a parent! I know the hubs and I talked about what we would/wouldn’t do before we had Little A and for the most part we stick to that. Although I find him saying things to her that he said he’d never say b/c his parents said them to him, haha! :)

    Happy Monday my dear!

  • Tammi

    This article is full of wisdom I wish I had possessed as a young mother. I truly appreciate the encouragement to consider our parental goals for ourselves and children. Often I flew by the seat of my pants and wish I had considered the big picture more often. My children are growing into amazing adults but a “plan of sorts” would have helped tremendously.

    Blessings to you Jennifer! Tammi

  • Tamara

    Thank you for the printable. I feel like each question can be asked and answered in a blog post, or two. And I might keep that in mind, with total credit to you.
    I do have a vision, filled with joy and total immersion.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      You are so very welcome for the printable. I hope it helps you craft your parenting vision– I love the idea of posting about it. That would be inspiring… especially paired with the insightful nature of your writing and the beauty of your photos. “Joy and total immersion”– I LOVE that!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Tamara.

  • Sanz

    I like the intentional and deliberate parenting you are encouraging in this post, Jennifer. This mothering gig is certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done (but certainly very rewarding too.) I appreciate your ideas and suggestions.

  • Chris Carter

    This is just such a great post and a wonderful goal for all parents to really delve into how they want to parent their kids, and what is most important to them and how can they succeed in their purpose. I can think of so many new parents that could use this printable and create their own vision as they begin the journey!

    I hope you had a BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL Christmas my friend!! I’m slowly making my way back in this blog scene. :)

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Thanks so much Chris. I want to be more encouraging to parents and I’m hoping to achieve that with my blog this year… new beginnings.

      I have to pop over to your site and see how the recovery is going… you’ve been in my prayers.

      Happy New Year my friend.

  • Misty

    Love this Jenn! I would also add to find someone who can help hold you accountable. Someone who knows you and can do this in love That has helped me SO much! Maybe do the paperwork together and share your struggles. Having that accountability and support can really solidify your goals.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Hi Misty! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. On the printable, I prompt for this to be done with a spouse. That way the vision can be crafted together. You raise a good additional point about accountability too.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on having a parenting vision.

  • Sarah Nenni Daher

    Jennifer, this was so well-written and I just want to say thank you for that printable (I have to go back to my newsletter for the password ‘cuz I only remember one word). :)

    My husband and I have always discussed and implemented our parenting plan together because we feel consistency and the same approach not only supports the child, but also makes for a stable family unit. It seems we are have to alter it some days, but I agree that a parenting vision is a must.

    Thank you for the hint on identifying traits and fostering those – now that our little one is three, her personality is definitely coming to the surface and this will be so helpful!

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this Sarah. I know I’m the type of person who does better with writing things done and referencing them (for accountability/reminder’s sake).

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on crafting a parenting vision.

      Enjoy the printable!

  • Anne Marie

    I have never really considered a parenting vision. I think that I just want them to be awesome, compassionate people who are constantly thinking and growing. I think that my role as the parent is to do whatever I can to get them there!

  • The Reading Residence

    This does get me thinking, thank you. It’s something I’ve thought about in a relatively abstract way, but not down to the details of the questions that you pose, and I suppose to get to where you want to, it is worth spending time considering how you’re actually going to get there! Thank you, food for thought.

  • Lysa

    Hi Jennifer! I wish I had written a parenting vision years ago. The only problem with doing one for my daughters\’ is that my youngest has some pretty severe disabilities, most of them emotional, and my parenting style has to change on a dime at times to handle the situation at hand. For the most part I parent my two youngest far differently than I did my oldest. I was incredibly strict with my son and despite him growing up to be an amazing man felt that wasn\’t the way I needed to parent my girls\’. So with them I have been the silly, fun, playful, and down to earth Mommy I always wanted to be… Well like I said for the most part!Thanks for sharing these things for me to ponder. Wishing you a beautiful week! Much Love,Lysa xx

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I think having a child with disabilities/exceptional needs can definitely impact a parenting vision. You would have to be flexible and continuously reevaluate things (which is probably a good practice anyway).

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on crafting a parenting vision.

      Wishing you a lovely week as well.

  • Jessica Dimas

    Wow, amazing post. I write down detailed goals for everything else, but I haven’t written down detailed goals for my parenting vision. I also do so much better when I’ve written everything down and when I refer to it EVERY DAY. Otherwise I forget. I love the idea of writing out my strengths and weaknesses and coming up with a way to combat the weaknesses. Very helpful Jennifer, thank you! Gonna go log my password in now!

  • Chelsea @ The Contented Wife

    Jennifer, this is a really great post! You are so right – So many people make financial goals, career goals, retirement goals, etc, but all too often we neglect parenting goals. And isn’t that the most important thing we can plan for? Kids generally don’t just “happen” to turn out well, their parents have to plan on it from the beginning. Thanks for the reminder of evaluating what kind of parent I need to be. (And for letting me be a co-host for the blog hop. :) )

  • Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

    I love the questions you present us with, Jennifer. They always cause me to reflect on what I am doing and why.

    My parenting vision is as simple (and complicated!) as raising children who live for the Lord.

    It is the most important job we will ever have, and I pray that we would all glorify in Him the way that we go about it. Thanks for the thoughtful post, my friend.

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      Your parenting vision sounds very similar to mine (hmm, I wonder why that may be *wink*).

      Even though I know my vision, I stick to things better when I write ideas and goals down. Hence the inspiration for sharing my parenting vision planning sheet with everyone.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this Heather. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words.

  • Rebecca

    You are as clever as ever! I was literally going down your list of questions to ask in order to formulate a parenting vision and thinking, “Oh i need to tell her this should be a printable.” WAIT. YOU ALREADY DID THAT! lol you rock gf. Of all the things we envision, this is one of the most important things parents should contemplate early on (though contemplating it whenever is better than never).


    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      What happened was I created the printable for me and then decided that I should share it on the blog– so then I wrote the post! LOL A parenting vision is so critical. I think it’s so beneficial to seriously consider and plan for what approaches we want to take with our children.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

  • Tiffany

    Such a great reminder. My husband and I are going through the certification process if fostering to adopt and currently have two biological children. This is something we have been talkimg about a lot recently. Our parenting choices are so important! :)

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this Tiffany. Vision is so important, we think so many things but putting to paper and committing to those plans can actually impact our success.

      I popped over to your site and read your waiting post; your comments weren’t open but I wanted to let you know that your post truly blessed me. You made me ponder many things… like waiting can create idols. Wow!

      Thanks for stopping by today. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Steph @MisplacedBrit

    LOVE IT! Too often we know in the back of our minds what we want and what we hope for, and it’s easy to think it’s a ‘plan’ just because it’s there… But we never take the time to consolidate it. Refine the ideas. Consider the possibilities. The practicalities. Actually see what would need to change to see it through!

    What a wonderful way to start the year :-)

    • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this Steph! Yes, a vision is so important (and often overlooked too). We think and plan goals for so many areas of our life… parenting should have the same degree (if not more) intentionality.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about having a parenting vision.

  • Angela

    As a teacher I greatly appreciated your guided questions for reflection. What a helpful tool. I do think about what my vision of a parent is but not sure if I’ve actually written on it as a vision for what I hope they see as they leave their childhood. Something to think about for a future post I suppose. Great post. Going to share it.