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Have you ever wanted to create… just for the sake of creating? I recently started an art journal. every day, I will try to create a piece of art. It may relate to something I experienced in the day or it may simply be something I envision. There may or may not be words. Pencil, ink, watercolours or collage, I will be experimenting with different mediums. What I like about this is it’s permanent. My work is in its own personal book.

I won’t be sharing all of my creations with you, but I thought that every week I would share one of my favorites.

Here’s my first creation. It was a tough one because it was the first. It was challenging to take that step and “mar” the first page of my journal.

Do you keep an art journal? If you do and you’re comfortable with sharing, please let me know. I would love to look through your creations.

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Jennifer Bly
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Jennifer Bly
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Jennifer Bly


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    My daughter made one of these after some disappointing news in her life. it was like therapy to her. She actually used a large, hard cover book she no longer wanted, painted the pages white, and then went to town w/ her art. it’s a beautiful expression of a difficult time in her life.

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    That’s beautiful!!! Bravo! When I get my room back in order, I’m going to be making an art/’happy’ journal myself. It’s so great to have your treasures all in one place. Have fun with this!!

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    So beautiful! Wish I had the discipline to create an art journal… I love making postcards or stamps that always end up elsewhere, and then I wish that I had kept a few around to enjoy!

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    What a beautiful saying. I am in no way artistic but appreciate the ability in others-can’t wait to see what else you create for your journal!

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