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As I recently wrote about my assorted parenting tips, I couldn’t help but think about all the “items” that helped me through my early parenting years. So, without further ado, here’s a list of my favourite things.

The Angel Brush

I first heard about this little gem from a friend and fellow blogger, Natalie from Stray Matter. This toothbrush is basically a silicone chewy item that a baby can munch on (all the while cleaning their gums/teeth). It’s genius, really… especially for the parent whose infant dislikes tooth brushing! 

Angel Care Monitor
I admit it, I was terrified of SIDS. If it weren’t for the Angel Care monitor, I think I would have obsessed over my children’s well being at night (and never had a wink of sleep). The concept is: a motion sensor pad goes under the child’s mattress, if there is no movement for thirty seconds, an alarm goes off. Now, I must emphasize, we have had a few false alarms but if you follow the installation instructions carefully (a board under the mattress – motion sensor on top of the board), the false alarms will be minimal.

I don’t know what we would have done without these! The Grobag is basically a wearable sleeping bag. What I love about them is there is no need to worry about blankets smothering baby or your baby coming uncovered in the middle of the night. I also like that if baby is sleeping in a different location, their “bag” (which they are familiar with) comes with them!

Glow Baby Journal
I wrote in my previous post about keeping a journal for baby’s diapers, feedings, etc. I love these journals because it’s all organized for you (and they make for a cute keepsake too).

These great mittens have long “sleeves” which make them challenging for little Houdinis to take off! They’re warm, cute, and Canadian made!

Soother/Toy Bungee
If you have a child that uses a soother, this is a must have item! Our soother saver can also be clipped onto snack cups, rattles, and toys. This saves you from losing and/or having to wash toys/soothers more than necessary.

The Original Baby Ankees
I love these! They are genius… they are basically a soft cloth, elastic anklet that holds baby’s legs in their sleepers! This has been a lifesaver for us! Our youngest is very long but lightweight. We’ve had to buy her sleepers that fit her lengthwise, but because she is so light and thin, her legs would slip up into the stomach area of the sleeper. The Ankees keeps everything in place! It’s also great to put over baby socks (so that baby can’t pull them off)! GENIUS!

Munchkin Snack Cup
I absolutely adore this snack cup. It has a plastic “trap” to keep food items in the cup, but baby can still reach in and pull out a handful of Cheerios, crackers, etc.

Do you have any suggestions for must-have baby items? If so, please add your recommendations here!


Please note, I was unfortunately not compensated for any of my opinions on these items. However, if anyone is willing to pay me for my opinions, I will gladly rewrite this disclaimer.

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Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
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