{these moments: January 2015}

It’s the end of January. I’m stunned. I’m shocked. I just can’t believe it.

Here are some of my favourite moments captured in photographs during the past month.

These Moments

These moments are fleeting, these moments are mine,

These moments are glimpses, snapshots in time.

I wish to breathe them, to drink them all in.

These moments are where my memories begin.

~ The Deliberate Mom ~


New Year inspiration

New Year inspiration





Birthday girl

Birthday girl


Homeschooling Moments

HOmeschooling moments


Little Inventions

Little inventions


At the zoo

At the zoo


Taking care of baby

taking care of baby

I’m looking forward to seeing what next month will bring. Wishing you a lovely weekend full of amazing moments!


Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
Former early childhood professional, now a stay-at-home-mom of two girls. I write about parenting, homeschooling, my faith, and personal life experiences. I'm striving to become the deliberate mom I long to be.
Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
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Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

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  1. says

    What great moments from this month!

    Our moment comes from yesterday during our weekly trip to the local ski place. The girls looked older to me here than they actually are (eight-and-a-half and almost seven) carrying their skis as we headed to board the bus in the auxillary lot. 30 inches of fresh powder this past Tuesday should have not had me so surprised that we wouldn’t be able to park in the main lot when we arrived yesterday afternoon! But goodness, it certainly made for a gorgeous picture!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo
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