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Currently… In This Moment

I sit here, looking out the window. The sun is shining, and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. This moment is one of contentment and remorse.

At the beginning of the summer, I pledged to savour moments. I vowed to enjoy all the little things that the days brought me. Yet here I am, contemplating where the summer has gone. Now that it’s August, I wonder what I’ve done with my days.

In moments like these I like to read my journal and look through the pictures on my camera to remember all the moments… big and small.

Here is a glimpse of July, currently… in this moment.

My youngest daughter turned four.

My youngest daughter turned four in July. It was an emotional birthday. I can hardly believe my “baby” is four. She’ll always be my baby right?!

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

On my girls’ birthdays, we have a special tradition around here: Everyone takes the day off and the birthday child gets to choose what they want to do for their special day.

My youngest daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday at “the beach”. So we took the girls to a shallow river, where they frolicked and played in the water. We attempted to make sand/mud castles and we skipped rocks on the water. It was such an enjoyable day. My husband even caught a fish (with a Ziploc bag)!

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.


This past month I also celebrated the birthdays of my best friend and my parents. My best friend flew in from Ottawa for her birthday week. We spent a lovely afternoon together. Even though we talk, laugh, and try to “catch up” on the latest news, it never feels like it’s enough time.

I took my dad out for lunch for his birthday and then a week and a half later, I took my mom out to lunch. I enjoyed spending this one-on-one time with my parents. I’m amazed that as every year passes, I love and appreciate them more and more. They are wonderful people, and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

I caved and ate sugar.

Remember how I shared about how I stopped eating refined sugar? I kicked the habit March 30, 2015, but then caved when my mom made a strawberry-rhubarb pie. I ate the tiniest slice on July 17th, but it was the gateway to all things sugar.

So, I’ve come to this conclusion:

I can’t deprive myself, but I can be very selective about what I eat. My 3+ months without refined sugar helped me kick the soda-drinking habit. It also altered my taste buds. Some things are “sickeningly” sweet, whereas previously, I would consume cake, brownies, donuts, etc. without hesitation.

I want to be able to have a few Tootsie Rolls at Halloween. I want to make (and eat) some of my homemade fudge at Christmas. I want to enjoy the delicious butter tarts that my mother-in-law makes for the holiday season.

I’ve decided that every year after my oldest daughter’s birthday in January, I will take a 3-month break from sugar. I will also still watch my sugar intake and only indulge my sweet tooth for extra-special occasions.

I refuse to feel guilty about this. I refuse to feel like I’ve failed. I’m proud of how well I’ve done.

I wrote and published my first eBook.

July was monumental in that I finished writing and published my first-ever eBook! This homeschooling eBook has been a labour of love for a while now. It’s officially for sale, on Amazon! Check it out if you have a chance!

We’ve been enjoying our year-round school schedule.

As I mentioned last year, we’ve switched to a year-round school schedule. I’m enjoying the four weeks on and 1 week off rhythm of our days. It’s the perfect balance of work and rest for our family.

I’ve also started homeschooling my 4-year-old. We’re doing basic preschool lessons, but she loves it.

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

We had our annual family garage sale.

Every year, my husband’s side of the family hosts a two-day multi-family garage sale. It’s a wonderful tradition full of visiting, laughter, bartering, and good food (my mother-in-law’s delicious egg sandwiches and homemade potato salad always make an appearance during the event).

My oldest daughter sold freezies at this year’s sale, and I must say, both of my girls behaved well considering it was a full two days of activity.

This year, there were a few flash thunderstorms during the sale, one of which was epic! Not only did we have a massive downpour, but there was intense thunder, lightning, and hail! I love storm watching, so this was quite the treat for me.

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

Back to yoga.

My sister-in-law and I purchased memberships to Passport to Prana (an inexpensive yoga pass that allows us to try one yoga class at 16 different studios across the city). We’ve been going every week to classes, and I’ve enjoyed getting back into the groove of yoga (or should I say the flow of yoga)?!

I made a website for my husband.

As many of you know, my husband loves to create. He makes comics, writes books, plays the guitar and ukulele, and animates. He has some projects on a variety of different sites, but I wanted to pull it all together for him under one domain.

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

In July, I made a website for my husband! I’m delighted with the way it turned out. If you have a chance, please check out his website at EvanBly.com.


I know I’ve spoken about my Passion Planner before, but I have to reiterate just HOW much I love this planner/journal. Between God’s guidance and my Passion Planner, I’ve achieved almost all the goals I set at the beginning of this year. I decided that over the next couple of weeks, I will prayerfully evaluate where I’m at and set new goals for the remainder of the year.

I wonder what I've done with my days.  In moments like these I like to dig out my journal and look through my pictures to remember all the moments... big and small. This is what's happening, currently.

Yes, there were a lot of great moments for me over the past month. What’s been happening with you? Tell me all about it!


Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
Author of My Kitchen, My Classroom: An Introduction to Homeschool, creator of The Deliberate Mom, Deliberate Homeschooling and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Jennifer writes about parenting, her faith, and life with her husband and two girls. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Degree with a specialization in Early Learning in Child Care.

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27 thoughts on “Currently… In This Moment

  • Janine Huldie

    Aw, sounded like a great start to your summer. We celebrated my older daughter’s 6th birthday and am with you on not believing that she is already 6, too. And we still have almost a month left of summer vacation, as we end late here, but still can’t believe how quickly it has gone by already. Hugs and Happy Monday now xoxo ;)

  • Bonnie

    Sounds like a great summer so far. Congrats on writing and publishing your ebook. A lot of work goes into something like that. Way to go on the kicking the sugar habit. I don’t think I could do that just yet.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Bonnie! Well, I think kicking sugar for 3 months will have to do… I hope to ban it from my diet for at least 3 months every year. After all, summer = ice cream!

  • Tamara

    Such big things! I love the altered schedules – of homeschooling and eating refined sugar.
    Cassidy often does a juice cleanse in the middle of winter – because there’s no BBQs or ice cream sundaes to really miss. I like the idea of being selective with refined sugar. Some things are too good to resist.
    I agree that after cutting down, my taste buds changed too.
    I liked your husband’s new page! I love it!

    • Jennifer

      Yes, so many big things!

      I’m content with taking this approach to refined sugar. To think, my mom’s strawberry-rhubarb pie was the gateway drug lol. I’m French, it’s in my heritage to enjoy food, especially pastries, macaroons, and desserts!

      Thanks for checking out Evan’s page! I love it – I’m contemplating switching themes. I would do a totally different colour scheme but I really like how snazzy it is.

  • Caryn

    Wow. This post is amazing. It’s so positive and focusing on all the good accomplishments – little and big. I was just telling someone how I’m refocusing on what I do (not what I don’t do.) I, too, am pretty proud of my summer. I started a freelance gig for approx. 35 hours, I finalized my healthy living speech and presented it to two big corporations, I’ve worked on the all the business avenues of selling and buying a house and I still manage to eat clean and exercise often with my family. I so often am hard on myself for what I don’t do…writing it down (like you did in a post) would probably be a good exercise for me. Thanks.

    • Jennifer

      I love doing the currently posts exactly for the reason you described. It’s so wonderful to see everything written down in one spot. It helps keep me focused and accountable to appreciating all the little things! I would love to read what you’re “currently” doing!

  • Emily

    Congrats on the eBook. What an accomplishment!! It looks like a great resource.

    I cut back on sugar for a few weeks earlier this summer, but I am right back to where I started. I’m trying to find the motivation to cut back again. Your post inspired me months ago to give it a shot, so I better go back and read it again. :)

    • Jennifer

      I’m delighted that my initial post inspired you to try! Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m delighted with my 3-month elimination of refined sugar. Next January I may aim for 4 months without. It definitely helped me cut back a lot on the sweets!

      Thank you for the warm congratulations! It’s a pretty exciting adventure, that’s for sure!

  • Amanda

    Some great moments you had in July! I love when my kids have birthdays! Every now and then it hits me that they aren’t babies and it makes me a little sad but for the most part being a part of them growing up is awesome! I also noticed that your “cake” is make of wood (or is it plastic?) and that looks really neat!

    • Jennifer

      Birthdays are the best! Growing up is pretty cool but oh do I miss the “little” stages too.

      That’s our Waldorf inspired birthday ring. My husband and I made it for our girls. It’s wooden and the little dowels have decorations attached to them.

      We never have birthday parties – my kids, for now, celebrate their birthday with their family. We have a lot of “traditions” when it comes to birthdays around here. There’s the Waldorf ring, each child has their own fabric table cloth which is signed by family members every year, each of the girls has a crown that I made for them, the main gift for their birthdays is always handmade, and we have a birthday banner that I sewed which we hang for their birthdays.

      It sounds like a lot when I type it out like that, lol.

  • Lowanda J

    Jennifer you have been a busy lady and you have savored every moment. You were wondering where the time went. I can tell you, you spent it well. Taking time out for your little one for her birthday as well as your parents (individually), how sweet. Creating a website, is a task in itself. I’ll have to check it out soon. A SAHM that homeschools year round, super mom in action. And publishing your first e-book…need I go on? You deserve sugar and you better not feel guilty about it. Celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy life…as you are already! :)

    • Jennifer

      Aww, thank you for your sweet words Lowanda! That’s why I write these “currently” style posts once a month; it really helps me see what I’ve done with the time I’ve been blessed with.

      I will definitely enjoy my sweet treats whenever I get them! No guilt!

  • Debbie

    Hi Jennifer, you certainly had a busy July. I think the tradition of taking the day off and letting the birthday girl decide how to spend the day is a wonderful idea. Birthdays should be special and they certainly don’t have to be expensive!

    Making changes to how we do/approach things things doesn’t mean we’ve failed. Sometimes we have to be realistic. I think you did brilliantly giving up sugar and having totally excluded it from your diet, you now know you can live without it, but you also know that you’d like to be able to enjoy a little something sugary every now and again. I think that’s great too… After all life is never a constant, our wants and needs change, that’s progress!

    Congratulatons on publishing your first Ebook, I am sure it will be a great help to anyone who is homeschooling their children… Did you finish the book you started for NaNoWrMo last year? I really enjoyed what you shared!


    • Jennifer

      Thanks Debbie! It was such a busy but productive month.

      I did finish my NaNoWriMo book, but I haven’t sat down to edit it. 200 pages of editing is a wee bit intimidating!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what’s happening currently….