Baby Notes

I am starting a new section on my blog about all things pregnancy and baby related. I hope to share some useful tips and helpful advice to get through those months leading up to and following the birth of our sweet little babes.

Pregnancy and caring for an infant are indescribable experiences. Each experience is different and unique to and of itself. I would like to share things that have worked for me but I would like to also encourage you, the readers, to impart any wisdom or experience you have to offer. We all have so much to learn from each other… we just need to take the time to open up and contribute.

All things baby and pregnancy related will be archived under the new page on my site: Baby Notes.

Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
Former early childhood professional, now a stay-at-home-mom of two girls. I write about parenting, homeschooling, my faith, and personal life experiences. I'm striving to become the deliberate mom I long to be.
Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
Well, I must get back to work! What fun ladies! Thanks! <3 #blogstaycation - 8 hours ago
Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

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